The Flaxseed Benefits

>> Friday, October 29, 2010

I’ve been reading a lot these days and I was glad my hobby has helped me a lot in some ways. I’ve read my Mom’s medical and wellness books and found out the flax seed benefits that can make me healthier and slimmer. Flaxseed oil which is found in fish and nuts should always be a part of our daily diet.

Not that I’m so dead serious about being skinny because I don’t want to be that thin. I only want to lose some pounds and be a healthy Mom. I need all the health, wellness and good physique I can get so I’ll be able to do Mom tasks and care for my family. For Moms like me it’s vital that we should be in our best health.


:Friday Fill-Ins #197 we go!

1. While the cat's away the mouse will play.

2. Fashion fabuloso!

3. Children are such little angels that God entrusted to us.

4. My kids always want donuts, burgers and ice cream as pasalubong when I get home from work or shopping or what have you.

5. This may seem odd, but I sometimes feel cold even when it's not.

6.Vacation is all I need to keep me in good stride but we still need to find time for it. DH suggested a visit to the seaside on weekends and that seems like a fine idea to me!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a good internet connection again as I'm suffering from intermittent connection, tomorrow my plans include watching my friend in the grand finals of our municipality employees singing contest and Sunday, I want to concentrate on our fellowship service and take my dayoff from blogging!


Affordable Stylish Eyeglasses

>> Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tired of wearing your old eyeglasses but cash is limited? Try to Check out Zenni's New Site! I did it myself and found that their $8 eyeglasses have now made even more affordable with ZenniOptical $6.95 Rx Glasses in the usual stylish and quality frame and glasses. The site has improved with easier search functions and most of all it has wide variety of prescription glasses to choose from. What I like most in their new site is their new addition. Zenni now has the best tryon: Frame Fit that you can try to see the perfect frame that will fit exactly to the shape of you face. It’s like trying it on the usual optical clinic but it’s actually online fitting. Visit them now for a quality and stylish replacement for your old eyeglasses.


Avoiding Sickness and Hospitals

I’m happy that we’re all fine now free from the usual sickness prevailing in our community. I’m taking precautionary measures now while the two younger kids are still on vacation. I’m giving them fresh calamansi juice as their flavoured drinks for their Vitamin C and some more fruits also. I believe in feeding them the right kind and amount of foods to help in their resistance to sickness. I know that they’re covered with husband’s medicare supplement plans so finances wouldn’t be much of a problem but hospitalization takes more than money.

I don’t want to be hospitalized myself as the only times I was in hospital was when I delivered my kids. I undergone a caesarean section and stayed at the hospital for no more than 4-5 days. Aside from my birth deliveries I don’t go to hospitals. When my kids are sick we only go to the nearest small hospital in the community but it’s not that scary because it has limited admissions. For the dangerous and complicated cases they transfer patients to the nearest big hospitals to ensure best treatment.


Legal Help for Your Defective Implant

>> Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It’s hard to have muscle pain on the knees, joints and arms. I’ve experienced that when I’m still working in office because no matter how hard I work at night with my blogs I still have to get up early, take a bath and prepare myself for office works. Sometimes my arms, hands and eyes were so tired from working overnight then I would immediately have a shower which makes my limbs aching most of the times. Well I don’t a choice then but now I see to it that I do everything in the house before I start with doing my online tasks. My Mom has rheumatism and as much as possible I’m avoiding that to happen to me at an early age. It would be a hindrance on my job as I should be well always to be efficient on my work.
I’m glad that I don’t suffer from damaged hip pockets as that would be so painful. I’ve also learned that there are people who should file a Depuy lawsuit case against Depuy Orthopedics of Johnson & Johnson because they had defective surgery five years ago. Those suffering for damaged hip pockets undergone hip implants but after two years they started feeling severe pain and swelling making them be diagnosed as victim of unsuccessful joint replacement systems by Depuy Orthopedics. If you’re wondering why you have detachment of implant or dislocation of its components then it’s time you visit Austin, Texas Personal Injury lawyers for free consultation. They might be of legal help to you to get your products liability claims.

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949


Our New Pre-owned Car

>> Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I’ve been blogging several months back that we’re always hiring a cab whenever we attend Sunday fellowship church service and how it’s giving us headache most of the times. Cab drivers are sometimes abusive of their passengers. Some of them have tampered meters that give us inaccurate high meter reading. Well aside from the meter problem most of the taxi drivers would talk to us to add certain amount of money aside from the flag down rate and the meter reading. That’s too much and if you don’t agree with them they will not let you hire them. It’s illegal and we can’t do something about it but be patient to find someone that will not ask for a big amount. This happens when we’re going home as it’s easier to hire a taxi or cab from our location going to our church. My friends know compro auto usate if there are available that I want but for several months after selling the car I still can’t find the right one for us.

DH and I are actually looking for a big compartment car that we can carry on our long travel to highlands on summer and December camp meeting. We need the big compartment for our clothing, beddings and food supplies for straight four days. I found one on current vendita auto usate but found it inappropriate for our specific needs until my brother offered his pickup car to us. It was the kind of car we want because it has big compartment at the back and it has a top cover which makes it very useful for our luggage and can be used also for extra passengers. 

Looking back my brother bought it from the shop that sells pre-owned cars just like auto usate milano  of, a company that has an expertise in the ins and outs of buying and selling of cars. Well this is only a part of their company services because they also provide car assessment, leasing repayment, purchase in cash and off-road car. They’ve been in that kind of services since 1978 and still on their best service performance.


Physical and Mental Growth

>> Monday, October 25, 2010

DH and the kids are now busy with cleaning the house. We’re all here in the house because it’s a holiday. They’re helping each other and making fun of it. It’s nice working and having fun at the same time. I’m preparing something yummy for their morning snack. Of course the little boy won’t be left behind as he asked for small tasks that he can do. 

He’s always telling me that when he grows up he’ll help me in the chores that I’m doing in the house. He’s small compared to the boys his age but I noticed that he’s grown a little bit taller this month. I was thinking if he should get hgh when he reached teens because of his slow growth but now I realized kids have their own growth period. We should only be patient to observe and monitor their growing moments not only in physical attributes but in mental aspects as well.


Advantages of Working at Home

>> Saturday, October 23, 2010

I love working at home because I can manage my time depending on the requirement of my job and the needs of my family. When I was still working in my previous job I don’t have time for my workout exercises that’s why I felt so weak and not fit. My work eats up most of my quality hours and when I arrived home I was tired and worn out. It’s my kids who give me extra energy to work in the house until midnight. Now I can manage to set a healthy diet plan and have workout routines at least five times a week for one hour per session. 

I know that with determination and discipline I can keep up with it and will not have a need for fat burners because when I do my workout exercises I feel that all my fats will melt away with all the sweats coming out from my body. It feels great that I was able to do it again after several years of not having a regular exercise. I was very athletic when I was still studying and I missed that. Now I feel that I’m stronger, healthier and physically fit.


Marks & Spencer Promo Codes

I’ve always love availing great deals when I shop at my favorite mall stores. I also look for coupon codes when I purchase online to get the best value for my money. Few years back I didn’t know such things as coupon codes but when I started having online job I realized that I could save more with discount coupon. I even asked my friends for their unused coupon codes when I need it badly. It’s just fun and exciting to purchase my finds online using those codes, makes me feel contented that I got the best value for my hard-earned money.

Now before starting my online tasks I found some nice deals in which sell almost everything you need. They have clothing, mobile phones, holidays and travel, electrical, health and beauty, house and home, gadgets, sports, restaurants and more. You can search among their offered deals which you can use your Marks and Spencer promo codes in almost anything you want for your family and your personal needs. I saw some codes for fitness and even for Halloween shop. For me I would like those for furniture and appliances because I’m thinking of buying one or two new appliances before the holidays. It’s really nice to search for the things you love and finding ways on how you can save your money.


Maintaining Carpets at Work

>> Friday, October 22, 2010

It’s good seeing some business establishment in full carpet. It makes the office classy and very nice to look especially if the carpet has unique designs on it. It also brings about some ambience in the room depending on the color and designs they have. My boss in my previous work prefers plain green carpets for peaceful environment while working. He seems to think more brilliant ideas when surrounded with green environment.

Well if you want them in your house or workplace then you should look for the best carpet cleaners in town just like how Absolute Carpet Care do carpet cleaning Falls Church  and some tips on keeping the carpet clean and free from dust always. I found that they used an innovative technique of using hot water extraction process in cleaning carpets. That way they can prevent indoor air pollution from getting into the workplace which is very risky for the employees. They have experienced staffs who handle the work with quality service. Check out some of their good discount deals and special offers.


Just the Right Broadband Satellite for Your Business

In business operation everything must be in perfect condition, the equipment, computer setup and all other peripherals needed to ensure smooth operations. I’ve been employed with minor telecommunications company and we need the best internet connection because our main service relies heavily on communication. We need to be connected to local and international clients and providers 24/7 without failure or else our operation will suffer. We provide VoIP, DID and termination minutes and we have collocation abroad. Even the best internet in town experiences trouble that’s why we have backup for that.

Actually during the times I was there I’ve been thinking about suggesting a broadband satellite that would give us 99% delivery on our connection needs. Well now I learned that Skycasters Satellite Internet can provide Internet solutions for businesses that need more than just the ordinary internet connections. Their teleports, hubs, network operating center and client’s equipment are all business-grade and company-owned. Businesses can count on their low-latency data transmission; reliability and performance with 24/7 live in-house experts to handle tech support and customer service with friendly languages you can understand.
They can deliver fast and affordable satellite Internet, the best in IP-based satellite communications and more. They can also offer unique solutions where they can design a package for you if you need more than just Internet like VoIP, streaming video, video conferencing, VPN, VLAN and others. No need to worry about worst situations like natural disasters as they have backup facilities for worst situations.


Commercial Pest Control Services

>> Thursday, October 21, 2010

We associate pests commonly to residential houses but I’ve known many office establishments have been infested also of cockroaches, mosquitoes and rats. It’s actually normal to me because I’ve seen it myself when I was still an Administrative Officer and was in charge of seeing all conditions in our office. Business establishments are commonly devoid of anything that will cause infestation of pests and insects except for the volume of files in stock room. But mostly offices have their own pantry like us where employees can place their food and eat there. And when they’re not that careful in maintaining it pests will suddenly invade it also because of garbage and the smell of food that was eaten there. 

I used to impose good cleaning habit when they use the pantry but some were just lazy to clean their area which made our kitchen area susceptible to cockroaches and rats which were so embarrassing to whoever visits the pantry. The spray they used was not enough to drive them away and I’m thinking that they should have it treated by pest control experts like Bulls Eye Pest Control, a Houston pest control which provides termite control, fire ant control, flea control and bee control services not only to residential houses but to commercial clients as well. After the treatment they will see to it that pests will never come back. There’s nothing to worry about when it comes to the price as they provide quality service at affordable rates.


Starting a New Blog Again

I’m planning to buy a new domain and thinking if I’m going to get it from my current web host or try a new web hosting service from the top ten sites I saw recently. I have 5 domains so far and I feel that I can do more because lately ideas are flowing from me and I know I should write them down. Actually I’ve started my Health and Lifestyle blog already and will just redirect it when I finally bought a domain for it. I also want one shopping blog to write down all my finds online. I’m fond of searching for gift ideas, kids’ toys and accessories and my favorite gadgets. Sometimes it took me hours surfing through latest wifi phones and laptops that I realized I should be writing about window shopping online.


Another Seaman Contract

My nephew started his contract again as seaman and he went again onboard his ship. He’ll have another 6 months contract before he can have vacation just in time for his wedding preparations. It’s not his first time as a seaman and I know he knows all his rights and benefits. If ever something happened to him during his employment he knows how to get legal services from professionals like Jones Act lawyer to help him get all compensation due to him. Anyway I wish that everything will run smoothly on this voyage of him and wish him the best on his forthcoming wedding.


Her Dream

>> Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sometimes it’s hard to think of your future and just wanted to live a day-to-day existence without fear of losing your money or losing some properties. Well it’s one of my friend’s dream because she’s been working hard now both here and abroad. Sometimes she would tell me that she still wants to go back to her quiet and peaceful days. Anyway many would want to exchange place with her but don’t have enough courage and willpower. You need these things to be able to set a goal for yourself and to build dreams for yourself. 

Well speaking of dreams and goals many would feel the need to invest on United States Gold Bureau’s gold coin because any form of gold investment is a sure way to gain high profit. These gold coins can also be arranged for personal delivery or can be safely stored in bank or depository. Nice investment huh!


Early to Bed

>> Friday, October 15, 2010

I’m happy that for several days now I’m having quite a good sleep meaning I don’t spend several hours working until dawn. This is because I always need to be early for most of my kids’ activities so I tried my best to do my work in the afternoon no matter how hard for me to write posts while I’m sleepy. At least I don’t have to look for best acne products when I develop acne from staying up late at nights. Anyway since teen years I wasn’t problematic about that but my cousin was. She spent years of consulting her dermatologist what’s the best for her type of skin. She didn’t know that it will cease to exist when she reaches 30 years of age. Now she has no problem about acne or other skin imperfections.

Read more...'s Contest

>> Wednesday, October 13, 2010

As a way of thanking her readers and online friends Faye of is giving away two Fossil Ladies watch and 1 Kate Spade Kikay Kit to the lucky readers and online friends :) This contest is open to International readers too!:)

Look at what she's giving away:
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The Contest ends on December 18, so if you wish to participate you must enter before that date. Winners will be announced on December 28,2010! The winners will be picked through!


Relaxing Place in the House

>> Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I’ve been on my most hectic schedule last week and until now I can feel the stress, excitement and everything that came with my kid’s school competition and activities. It’s like I’m back to my world where every day is spent on my usual offline and online tasks. It’s so exciting to be where your child is on every competition that she joins but it’s also relaxing to be in your good old routine. Now I’m into making myself healthy with my healthy meals and exercise regimen. I didn’t enroll into any aerobics or gym workout class but I just take it from online link. 

After the kids went to school and I’m free with my hours I see to it that I take my exercise for 30-45 minutes a day and when I’m finished I try to relax and catch my breath in our patio where I can breathe the fresh air from the garden. It’s always been my relaxing corner of the house where I can eat, read, chat or just relax my feet at the chaise lounge. Since it’s my favorite place aside from the kitchen I want the furniture to last so I’m thinking of having some nice Outdoor Furniture Covers to protect it from too much exposure to heat which can robbed them of their good finish and made. 

Whenever we stay at the patio we usually stay awhile enough to have some snacks and board games because the whole family is fond of playing chess, word factory and scrabble. When we’re inside the house and the weather got windy and rainy I wish that I have Patio Chair Covers so we can go back there anytime without the mess of rain and winds on the chairs. It’s also good to have a couple of Patio Table Covers so we can use the table in its original beauty anytime because the covers can protect them from easy tear and wear.

I found that I can have all these protection from Empire patio covers with their perfect combination of style and protection for all types of outdoor patio furniture such as chaise lounge, patio chair, patio table, patio furniture, BBQ & grill, fire pit and heater and many other outdoor furniture. Best of all their products come in manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year for classic material and 2 years for signature material. All of these at discounted prices.


Keep Smiling

>> Friday, October 8, 2010

Myspace Motivation Graphics Quotes

It always good to see someone smiling, more people are positively motivated to do more work if they see people smiling at workplace, school and on other places. If you're hiding something and you're smiling they'll never know what you're up to. Anyway it's not that hard to smile, it's harder to frown or make bad faces, and it will also make you look bad. Smiling makes a pretty countenance


Be Prepared Always

>> Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My daughter was absent from school yesterday because she has fever and colds. It came as a surprise to us when she suddenly told us that she’s got hot temperature. We were at the church service and I just put some cold towel in her head. The reason for her fever is her runny nose and after one day her temperature returned to normal temperature but she still got some colds. As much as possible I don’t want to bring her to the hospital because there are many sick people there and she might contact severe sickness. I also don’t want being in the hospital for long because I took pity on those who suffer from heavy sickness and when I heard stories of not being able to pay the hospital expenses. 

It’s best if you have a health card or plan like the Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina health plan which caters to people living in North Carolina. You’ll have no worries about financial expenses when someone in your family needs medical attention, hospitalization or anything related to health expenses. It’s better if you’re prepared for emergency sickness than be saddled with big hospital bills.


Like Sisters

My niece and my eldest daughter are almost the same age, same height and built. They don’t look like cousins because May has chinky eyes and Ruth has deep set eyes like his Dad but they get along so well. Now that they’re both teens they can relate with each other very well when they talked about high school life, clubs, activities, friends, crushes and even teenage acne products that they heard from their classmates. If you’ll see them you’ll think that they’re sisters because when they talk they giggle, smile and laugh at the same time. They both go to the same school that’s why I’m confident that May will guide and assist Ruth in every way she can. Anyway she’s like an elder sister because she’s two years ahead of Ruth and she’s so kind and such a dear.


Makes Me Sleepy

It’s all work and work now as I have so many dues but earlier I can’t seem to do my work as fast as I could. Too many tasks in the house make me sleepy after that’s why it’s harder for me to write reviews and even personal posts. I just have to read my books again to give me plenty of ideas for my assignments. Anyway I have no choice sleepy or not I have to finish all to prepare for the outpouring of tasks again. I’m so thankful for the blessings sent my way. I could never thank God enough for his wonderful blessing.


Getting Her Money’s Worth

My cousin was here yesterday all the way from our provincial town and as always we were so excited talking about many things. My Mom was the one who was so excited because she gets to know some news about home town where she grew up and lived most of her life. She only transferred here because of my Dad. My cousin lived in our house for about 3 years that’s why we’re really close to each other; she’s like one of our family even if she’s only a second cousin only. 

Anyway talking about life and work she suggested that I invest on planting some crops on our land so when the kids started their college we will have some backup for financial expenses. She’s an engineer but she opted to retire and put up a meat products shop. Her profession now becomes her part-time job because she enjoys having a business of her own. We talked some other kind of investment in the future and she was asking about the veracity of buying gold coins for collection and investment as well. She wants to invest if she will have a high returns for her capital. She wants to be sure that she’ll be getting her money’s worth on it.


Planning to Build Small Cottage House

>> Monday, October 4, 2010

I was talking to my cousin this afternoon about building a small vacation house in our province. My brother suggested it first and maybe we’ll talk about this thing in the next few months. We have a house in the town proper which is being cared for by my cousin. They lived in the house since we moved to my father’s town until now that her children have bought their own homes. But we really wanted a place in the farm to stay when we’re on vacation so we’re thinking of having a small cottage style house where we’ll put some nice cabin beds, wooden living room set, barn wood dining set and many others. We want it to look like a country house or something to that effect. How I wish we could make our plans push as soon as possible. It’s nice to wake up in the morning and see the sun shining with the fields and mountain in your window view.


You Are Kauai

You are a true natural lover, and you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.
You want to get away from it all, and the less people the better. You crave Kauai's seclusion.

You will love all of the hiking Kauai offers, especially the trails to beautiful beaches.
You are ready to relax, renew, and connect with nature. Especially if that nature includes waterfalls and rainbows.

This quiz amazed me as it describe the real me, I'm really a nature lover and most of the times want to get away from the busy, hectic and noisy environment of the city.  Not that we're living in the city but we're just few minutes away from it and we feel like we're living in the city because we're near to everything people always come to like shopping malls, famous groceries, supermarket and others.


Creative Friend

I’ve been sorting out old things in our stock room and found some old precious memoirs of my school days. I remember putting them all in one box last year for safety because I was avoiding sudden floods then and putting them on the upper floors would ensure safe keeping. It uncovers past happy and memorable days especially the cards that I received from close friends in school including recycled Christmas cards from one friend that used to experiment doing creative things from old stuff. He love giving his original creations to his classmates and even sells some of them to make some money out of it. I wonder where he is now. Maybe he has a nice art shop now.


Security of Gadgets

I’m again looking at various sites selling high tech gadgets and innovative products. Of course I can’t help browsing iPad sites, who wouldn’t dream of having one. Well it’s too expensive for me so I guess I have to content myself on window shopping only. Although I can save funds for it I know that there are priorities in life that should be taken care first like the kids’ education and our newly-bought pickup from my dear brother. I was actually informed that there are locally made ones in one country but there’s no ipad warranty for a year. The manufacturer only warrants for one month only, well if ever I’ll want one I want the original because I would want to enjoy using it for years and I will surely get insurance for it. That’s for safety and security of gadgets.


The Value of Gold

>> Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sometimes our hobbies can give us considerable amount of money when we least expect it. My friend collects the same old coins as I have but when an old coin collector approached and offered to buy her collections she gave some. They were having some problems then because her sister needs big amount of money for her last tuition fee before she graduates. She sold it for a good amount that saved her family from thinking where will they get money from. Although she lost half of her most precious collections she will always remember that those old coins paved the way for her sister’s college graduation. Actually she didn’t know that she could raise that amount by selling her old coins. 
She’s now collecting old coins again and contemplating on buying gold coins because she realized the value of gold. She’s thinking that it may save them again in the next few years when they need immediate cash. Gold is a sure investment because it increases its value over the years which will give the collector high profit returns for his capital.


September 2010 Top EC Droppers

Thanks to all my visitors, ec droppers and friends who visits this site frequently. Hope to see you again this months. Efforts deeply appreciated.

Dropper # of drops
Fledgling Blogger 28
Your Favorite News Aggregation Site 22
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Teh Nightly Sky 21
Tattered Notes 21
TMA-Graphics 21
Stop Child Abuse & Entertainment Blog 20
NPB Journal 20
Software Download and Technology 19

Special mention to June of Fledging Blogger for always topping my list! Thanks friend :-)


The Risks of Work

>> Friday, October 1, 2010

It’s rewarding to have a stable job because you can rely upon your salary for your basic needs in the house and your family’s needs. I’ve experienced to be employed for 16 long years and that job helped me support my family needs. I was grateful for my employer for the trust he has given me while I was employed there. I just need to leave my corporate life for a much needed call to attend to my responsibilities of a mother and a daughter. I have to take care of my children and to guide my Mom in some things. 

It’s good if your employer knows how to take care of your needs and rights as an employee unlike those who employed their workers in industries involved in asbestos because they let their staff be exposed in dangerous asbestos without proper dissemination of information that it’s risky. Now all those workers who became victims of asbestos should get Mesothelioma lawyer to help them get fair justice for the sickness incurred from exposure to asbestos. They’ll help the victims get compensation for incurred damages. I’m glad that this element was banned from usage now because when I think of the effect it might bring to human I cringe.


Investing While Working

When I’m still working in my previous job I used to talk with my long-time friend in the company who is a lot older than me in the company. He’s staying there because he didn’t know what to do when he left the corporate world. He’s saving money for the time that he’ll not be able to work. I told him that as early as now even while he’s still employed he can invest on some sure investment like house and lot or buy bullion from USGold Bureau and you’re sure to have high returns of capital. Gold and precious metals are known to increase their values over the years so it must be a real good investment.


:Friday Fill-Ins#193

FFI we go!

1. My back pain was healed by my Mom's massage therapy and caring hands of course!

2. We're planning to bring the little boy to wildlife and parks, a mini zoo in the heart of the cityWe can also have picnic there.

3. Leaves are falling all around, and I love the beauty and smell of the dry and fallen leaves of fall.

4. It's best if we let the bad memories be drowned in the sea of  forgetfulness.

5. Healing is forever if it's from God.

6. Attending mini-reunion and meeting up school friends  is what I've been up to lately!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to reducing my long list of tasks if I will not be able to finish them, tomorrow my plans include teaching Gen with basic operations of MS Word for her contest and meeting up blogger friends and Sunday, I want to concentrate on my Sunday service, no work!


After The Chills

I had some chills last week. I’m always like that every time I’m over fatigued and lack of sleep. Sometimes I wish there’s an electric fireplace in our house to keep me warm when I’m cold. They say that chills are indication or symptoms that I have sickness inside my body but I really don’t feel I have it. Actually I think the chills serve as my body’s outlet for whatever stress and tiredness I had for the day because after the chills I’ll be sleeping soundly and will wake up feeling so good. I don’t want to think that it has some connection to sickness or whatever unhealthy symptoms. I know God will always take care of me.


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