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>> Saturday, September 4, 2010

When I met up with my friends last week of August we were laughing at ourselves when we couldn’t make up our minds which seafood restaurant will we spend our mini reunion. One of our friends wanted a place where there are videoke because she loves to sing while we eat. Our chosen resto had nothing of that request but we decided to stay there because the restaurant was known for its delectable seafood cuisine. As we were shopping for seafoods I heard the market staff talking about lady gaga concert tickets and how they would want to have them. One of the staff suddenly stopped when she saw us and immediately turned on her persuasive mood of getting our attention to buy on their stall. Wow the price of the seafoods is very high. My friends who know about seafood and their prices kept on bargaining to lower down their price. My friend whispered to me that the prices are double the real price but we didn’t have much choice then so we just go on through cooking.


Hobby for a Business

Are you tired of working for someone else and longing to start a business. Well if you want to better start while you still have your job so you can have backup when things didn’t work well. Now the second question is what kind of business? Look into you hobbies, skills or interests and you can find some ideas because those reflect your deepest interests. Crafts, woodworking, tailoring – just about anything can be turned into a profitable business. If your hobby involves making some unique item, you might consider marketing the product. 

Do some research to find suitable outlets. Hobby and craft shops are not the only place you could market these items. Gift shops are often looking for unique items to sell. There are many other outlets depending on the item you make. Find a wholesaler willing to handle your product. If you like flea markets, you could market your products there. There are many ways on how you can market them and you can ask the help of our family and friends to help promote your products.


Elegant, Rare and Unique Timepieces

Having a hard time thinking of holiday gifts? Well it’s not really easy to do that especially that each gift will be different for each person. Since September begins people start thinking of holidays and the many activities that go with it like Christmas celebration and New Year’s midnight festivities. With the holidays that I mentioned above we should be ready with our gifts and special menu on the holiday season. I came upon numerous sites for gift ideas and stumble upon Lussori which offers and sells luxury brand watches like IWC Watches, elegant and quality timepieces that costs thousands of dollars. 

What caught my attention also is their Ulysse Nardin Macho Palladium which has a distinct style and has many features like automatic movement with date, water resistant up to 50 meters, with exhibition case backup and certified chronometer. There are many others like Omega, Christian Dior, Girard-Perregaux and others which all spells elegant and high quality timepieces. Lussori sells the most rare and unique timepieces that’s not only fashionable but can be good for your precious collection.


My Top Droppers for August 2010

Again I'd like to give my warm appreciation to these people who dropped by my blog for the month that passed.  Thanks for the time and for the comments also.  I'll visit you back when my work slows down a bit.  

Dropper # of drops
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I noticed that I've got new visitors here or should I say new top droppers except for my friend June who tops my list of droppers. Thanks friend!


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