Early Retirement

>> Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When I was still working I wanted to save money so when I reached forty I will be able to retire early and start up a business of my choice. It did materialize that when I reached forty I resigned from my job and planned on putting up a business. But I wasn’t able to save enough money for the business that I want instead I maintained four blog sites which I used to write paid ads and gave me enough earnings to help my husband in our family finances. I had some separation pay of course but I opt to keep some of it as savings for future needs. I also don’t have the time to manage my business because I prioritized adding sites for more income.

Now I’m thinking of working up a plan of investment that will not cost me time and effort to maintain. My friends wanted to buy gold coins to make a sure investment of their hard-earned money because they’re very positive about the returns of their capital in the coming years. They told me about it but for me things like that should need careful planning because it involves a great amount of money. Investment is a good way of making your money grow so whatever it is you’re planning about just make sure that it’s a tangible one.


Ready for the Rainy Season

We had our gutter system, roofing and ceiling repaired last week. I was relieved that we had it fixed last week before the heavy rains of this season poured down quite hard in the past days. It’s important to have a maintenance on most parts of the house because it will pose more dangers if we just take for granted the broken or malfunctioning parts of the house. The house is 35 years old from its general renovation last 1975 and in fair jurisdiction it’s more durable and stronger than any of the houses near us.

We also have our windows and doors checked by our carpenter because our glasses and our front door knob has retired already. Since our door was an antique kind I’ve chosen a beautiful door knob that’s not too gold or too silver in color. I’ve chosen the one which resembles our old one because I wanted to maintain the elegant look of the door. Now even if it keep on raining I’m confident that we have checked almost all things that can be affected by the rainy season. I have no fears and worries now as I’m loving the coolness of rainy season.


Hardship of Working

>> Tuesday, June 29, 2010

There are reports of heavy traffic yesterday night and I observed that there are less private and public vehicles passing by the national road. I read in my friend’s message that the cars in the street in their place hasn’t moved for more than an hour. The traffic was due to a flash flood that reached up to the waist making the drivers hard to make another route and decided to just go home and rest. I remember when I was still working outside the confines of my home that when heavy rains happened before the office close we’ll have a hard time getting transport and worse we’ll also experienced super traffic.

It’s really hard to work especially if the location of your work is far from your house. I’m just relieved that I will not be in that situation as I’m working in my own home now. I told one of my colleagues to bear the hardship of work and save money so they can invest for their future business. And for a sure investment they can buy gold coins if they want to have something that would appreciate its value after several years. Well they’re thinking about it as their present salary couldn’t support the schooling of their kids in the future.


:FF/FTP: White-Sauced Pasta

>> Friday, June 25, 2010

It's one of the foods that I love when we attended my niece' baby christening. I'm a lover of pasta especially the white sauce ones. I don't cook it often in our house because my kids love the regular red-sauced spaghetti and when I cooked carbonara it's only the adults who eat. So if I want to eat carbonara or fettuccini I just buy or order from a trusted yummy cook :-)

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A Prayer on Father's Day

>> Sunday, June 20, 2010

Myspace Comments

This is my everyday prayer for my husband and I know that with this God will always protect and guide my husband in everything that he do. I thank God for giving him to me, my friend, my love, the father of my kids and one of the best blessings I received from God. What more can I say to the man that understands, care and love everything about our family. He's always there for me to help me in anyway he can. With our new life now away from his very demanding and laborious work we're happier because he has more time for me and the kids.


Renovation Plans Again

>> Saturday, June 19, 2010

It’s payday again and I’m thinking of some things to buy for my hard-earned money. I’m finished with school expenses except for the few little things the school require like the white rubber shoes that were announced on their orientation. I’ve already bought Josh a new pair last summer but the required color was only announced yesterday. Anyway that’s fine because Josh can still use it on other activities outside school. Well I don’t think I can afford an HDTV right now though I’m wishing for one but I think I’ll just save my money for my master bedroom’s project next month.

Renovation is still my priority these days and this is my project no. 3 since I started late last year. I’ve started with bathroom renovation which cost me a lot of money and followed by fence and wall project. Hope I can save enough to make this new project what I planned it to be. I’m so excited and looking forward to finish it in few days only.


:FF/FTP: Mom's Birthday Cake

>> Friday, June 18, 2010

It's one of Mom's 3 birthday cakes given by my cousin Wilma on the exact date of her birthday and of course we love it because it's the Cookies and Cream from Red Ribbon. Who would resist a cake from double R. It's not me of course as I'm always looking forward to their new creations.

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Safe Investments

>> Thursday, June 17, 2010

When I want something that’s not our basic priorities I save for it and when my savings are enough I buy it. That’s what I did when I want a new gas range and a digital camera. I didn’t use my credit card in purchasing it instead I waited until my savings matched the price and then I purchased the gas range and then after several months my digital camera followed. It’s the best way for me to have my appliances and gadgets. I don’t want to be pressured on my credits and since it’s not the basic needs of my family I opt to save before purchasing.

I want to practice wise spending because it will help me stretch my budget. Now I’m thinking of my kids’ college education and thinking of a good investment that will give me a high return of profit after several years just in time for my eldest entrance in university. My friend told me to buy gold coins in case I want a safe and secured investment. She told me that precious metals like gold increase values through the years just like her gold jewelleries so it’s a better investment than others. Well I’m thinking about it now and considering all factors before buying.


Love My Work

>> Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It’s work, work and work but I definitely love it. Work are pouring these past few weeks and I feel so blessed because all my days are filled with opportunities left and right. I have to thank some of my friends online who helped along the way. They’re a great help to me in getting some assignments too. Things got so hectic for me these past few days because my SIL is here for a quick vacation. My friends got some work for me and even if I’m offline most of the time tasks keep coming in because of them. Now I don’t have to worry about the mountainous expenses of my three kids this school opening as I’m done paying it all last month. All I can say is Thank you Lord!


Protect your Car with Covers

Maintaining a car is not that easy. It’s like having a baby that you have to be very observant to their progress, health condition and all their basic needs. When it comes to having a car you have to make sure that everything is in perfect and running condition. You always have to check the brakes, clutch, oil, battery, tires, gas, lights and every little detail it has. You have to maintain the interior as well as the outer parts of the car to ensure safety and pleasurable travel all day.

In line with this your vehicle should have car cover so it will be protected from all harms brought about by some elements. When your car is parked inside there are elements like dust and dirt in the garage that can damage the body of the car. Just like when it’s parked outside when your car should be protected from hot sun, heavy rains, ice and snow. Car covers are essential to ultimate protection and there are various range of covers that you can choose for indoor and outdoor uses.

Empire Covers offers protection for all types of car you have. They have sun proof cover, water proof cover, outdoor and indoor cover and many other kinds of protection for any type of car you have. So if you need truck covers, car covers, cover for your expensive model car, motorcycle cover or any car you have that you want to look great even after so many years visit empirecovers.com and choose which one is right for your car.


What Type of Writer Should You Be?

You Should Be a Romance Novelist

You see the world as it should be, and this goes double for all matters of the heart.
You can find the romance in any situation, and you would make a talented romance story writer...
And while you may be a traditional romantic, you're just as likely to be drawn to quirky or dark love stories.
As long as it deals with infatuation, heartbreak, and soulmates - you could write it.

When I was in college I dreamed of becoming a writer and since I'm very fond of romance and adventure books I wanted to write either one of these two. Now that I find myself leaving my career for a freelance writing I still want to write a book but this time it would not be a romance book but an inspirational book. Well it's just a dream of mine but I hope I can do it in my blog if not in a real book.


Designing your Kitchen

>> Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We had a weekend vacation in MIL’s house and we spent the whole period with kids bonding with their cousins and their father’s siblings. The place was a quiet community and before the night begins you will not be able to see anyone in the street just like in the province. We were outside the house for some chatting after dinner and I nearly slept at the lounge chair. We were there to be with hubby’s sister who came here for a vacation and to arrange the house for a planned vacation of her kids. She was eyeing the kitchen for some decorative ideas and was thinking of putting up kitchen cabinets to organize the small essentials and some clutters.

There are some suggestions on how to make it nice and organized and she recommended wood cabinets below the sink to have a clean look. They have agreed to look for kitchen ideas online because she‘s fond of searching for things she needs online. Well if you’re looking for kitchen cabinet designs and styles like them you can visit cabinetstore.com for a wide variety of traditional, European inspired, full access or framed cabinets. Whatever your choice of style, make and quality you can find it there. Now designing your kitchen and making it look real good, neat and organized is easy.


Relaxing A Bit

>> Saturday, June 12, 2010

We’re having a two-day vacation here in MIL’s house with the rest of DH’s family. The kids are enjoying their stay here with a nice view of the mountains very near the village. After lunch I find myself doing nothing and when I tried to sleep I can’t. I thought of my tasks and my new blog so I just peeked in here and checked on my mails. I also had the chance to get some reads about xyphedrine side effects and noted that it’s bad for people with hypertension, diabetes and asthma.

I have to tell it to my friends so they could be warned of the effect it could do to their health. I just told them to take the healthy diet meal I recommended to them as they don’t have to worry about any side effect. Having a slimmer body need not be expensive and risky. DH just passed by and told me to take a rest now as next week would be a busy time for me to relax.


:FF/FTP: Buco-Fruit Salad

>> Friday, June 11, 2010

It's one of the food in my Mom's birthday in the resort and it all came from Laguna where buco fruit is at its best :-). It's one of the crops in our town and we're very proud of it. We love it also as it can't be beat with other kinds when it comes to freshness and cool yummy taste. Now this shredded buco was combined with fruit cocktail, cheese, condensed milk and creams to give that oh so yummy taste.

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Getting the Best Credentials in Job Application

Finding a decent and good paying job is hard if you don’t have enough credentials to show in your application. That’s why many graduates of secondary education research college degrees of their inclination and skills so they will have a degree when they apply for their desired job. It’s a requirement for most companies and plus for employees too.

I remember one of my office mates got a hard time getting her employment contract because her credentials are pending. She still has one subject in college that deprived her of graduating from her course. Although she has enrolled it as a personal tutorial class for her she still finds it hard to arrange all her papers for graduation. It’s really best if you finish your education first before applying for a job because all your credentials will be ready for your employment. Employers tend to rate the incoming employees according to experience, education and skills so you’ll be maximizing your full potential of landing a good paying job if you have a degree to show off.

So for those who want to search for online schools you can visit CollegeDegreesToday and get to find the degree of your choice via online and campus-based schools and colleges. You’ll find the degree of your inclination and you’ll see what the schools are offering in their curriculum.


Be Creative in Cooking Simple Dishes

>> Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thinking of some nice recipe meal for lunch but when my fish dealer arrived for my order last Monday the thinking stopped because he brought my kids' favorite Tilapia fish. It's just bigger than I expected it but the kids loved it more lol! Because I'm too busy with my thoughts about my new blog and domain Mom cooked it for me. I just prepared the breading mix so it would be easier to fry and will taste better just like chicken. I also use breading mix for potatoes to make my own version of Mojos and in tofu for my Tofu chicharon. It's always nice to have some creativity in cooking simple dishes.


The Coffee Craving Test

>> Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You Are Easygoing

You are just along for the ride, and you're happy to be a part of the world.
You think that life is pretty great, and you're looking to find the sweetest parts of it.

You like to surround yourself with friends and family. You feel happiest when you have a large support group.
You get a lot of joy from helping the people in your life. You always have some encouragement to share.

No I'm not an easygoing person but perhaps some part of me that I haven't known lol! But I agree that I do find life is pretty great because I always find beauty in every single blessing that God gives me. In people I always look for the soft spot or the good part in their personalities.

I really feel very happy when I'm surrounded with friends and family but I also be happy sometimes even if I'm alone because that's the time that I write my thoughts out. I find solace in writing and I find comfort in blogging. I find happiness in people that I love. I always want to extend my hand in whatever I can do to help them especially those who need it the most. That's my strength and weakness which this coffee craving test brought out.


Replica Watches

>> Saturday, June 5, 2010

There are various brands of replica watches, such as Breitling replica and Cartier replica. Any major watch product always has a replica of that product. Name any major brand of watch there will always be a replica of that brand in the market. This therefore means that replica watches are indeed very necessary and cannot be pushed out of circulation. Replica watches are in every sense the true reflection of the original product of the brand of that watch. They are in fact one and the same brand of watch only that they are not produced by the same company that produced the first or original brand of the watch.

Replica watches became necessary at a point in time when the original product of the same watch could not meet the challenges of the time. In most of the watches that have a replica of the original one will notice, almost if not all of them, are very useful in national development, either they are retained to protect their country's interest, to produce products for naval and aviation related services or other national interests as the case may be. They are in production not just to serve their national interest but to meet the demands of their fellow citizens and watch users worldwide.

The original watches product may not therefore meet the demands of national interest as well as the interests of their customers worldwide; as a result gaps are created and the gaps must be filled. In an attempt to fill the gaps the replica watches came into existence. The replica watches are the same as the original product, they are composed of the same components and they serve the same purpose. The replica watches are not inferior to the original product; they are not even an illegal product. Replica watches can be used and enjoyed as the original watches.


:FF/FTP: Chopsuey

>> Friday, June 4, 2010

Here's one favorite recipe of mine which is complete for me, vegetable and your choice of meat. You can mix the veggies with chicken liver, chicken meat or pork. But if you want to make it without meat I have my original recipe of adding tofu chicharon which you make by frying breaded tofu and sprinkling cold water on it. Then you can just put it on top and around the cooked chopsuey. For me it's best to have chicken liver and tofu, it's cheaper too.

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Quality and Eco-Friendly Printing Services

My former office deals with selling international phone cards and termination calls. To promote our business we always have a need for brochure printing that we’re sending and giving to those clients that our sales and marketing staff come to meet. Brochures are great aid for introducing the company and products which the client can see the company’s scope of business, services, products and contact numbers. It must project a good image for the company so it must be printed in high quality to ensure best marketing results.

When you want to mail your company’s credential and introduce the best of your services and products you might as well need a good postcard printing because full-color beautiful postcards are known to be the most effective and economical way of sending your advertisement and promos to your clients. It’s a great advantage if your postcards will stand out among other companies in your client’s mailbox.

To get the best quality printing for your brochures, postcards and business cards visit conquestgraphics.com where you can experience a one-stop shop for all your marketing communication needs. They offer offset printing, digital printing, graphic design, photography, website design and many more. They also protect the environment and employ green printing methods in their services. They practice eco-friendly operations and has been certified by FSC. Now with all of these great features from them you can have free business cards from them if you let their graphic logo and contact information is printed at the back of the cards.


Food Concessions

Our church is renting a room in one of the buildings where at the ground floor lies food franchise company that offers different kinds of franchises depending on the food you want to sell. They have variety of small concession trailers for sale each with logo and design of the food you want to sell such as waffles, hotdogs, fried noodles, empanada, burgers, tacos and many others.

When I resigned from my office work I thought of getting a franchise of one food concession trailer but I opt to think and plan before venturing into a new business. I have to plan where to put the trailer, the staff that I will hire to manage and the target customers of the business. There are many things to be considered when putting up a business no matter how small it is.

Well I have browsed upon a company who takes pride in doing these crafts. Custom Concessions build high quality concession trucks made especially in the strictest quality control to easily pass the health inspection department. They have variety of floor plans and various options for the customers to choose from. They design and build trailers for kitchen, bathroom, restroom, living quarter and food trucks. Visit their site to see their photo gallery of products.


They Just Love Spaghetti!

Since DH is on a week vacation before his classes I’m always thinking of recipes so he can enjoy his vacation more. We’re a family that loves pasta and since I have stocked my pantry with some ingredients I made our afternoon snack and dinner to our kids’ delight also. They always tell me that it’s one of my master recipes so I really make it my worth to make my spaghetti more yummy and something that they will ask for more lol!

I don’t want to advertise on products but I really love Hunts spaghetti sauce whatever the flavor is and when they asked me how they can cook their spaghetti as yummy as mine I’ll teach them to use my brand and give them the exact measurement for every kilo that they want to cook.

Well I have other brand aside from the one I’m using just in case I run out of stock or the grocer run out of stock but I really prefer Hunts for my kids’ taste. I also love white sauce pasta but my kids love red-sauce ones so I cook it more often.


Reasons for Getting Stomach Fat

It’s a common problem for women who gave birth to have a fat tummy or big stomach. I remembered that every time I gave birth by caesarean delivery I always find it hard to have stomach weight loss because we weren’t allowed to have exercise within one to two months and if ever we’re allowed after the second month it will be just the simple warm up exercises and nothing to make the tummy smaller. For those who had a normal birth delivery it’s easier to gain back the old slender form because they were allowed to exercise sooner although I’ve seen many of them still have fat stomach also.

Anyway it’s just not because of giving birth but some habits like sitting long in your chair too long, jobs that require people to sit for hours without time to stand up, lack of regular exercise or exercises that will not lessen the fat in your tummy, laziness in moving around the house and many other habit that slowly contributes to big stomach. Well it’s not that bad if you’re married because they will just ask if you’re pregnant but with the single ladies it would embarrass them to hear those words lol!


Tempted to Eat

We’re all complete in the house since Wednesday and I’m slowly moving away from my cleansing diet. I don’t know now if I’ll need diet pills in few weeks’ time. I’m taking half cup of rice at lunch and dinner and can’t do something about it because it feels so good to eat when DH is at home. I can’t go on with eating veggies and fruits alone because I’m inspired to cook different pork and chicken recipes everyday. It’s always nice to cook for the whole family and eat with them too. so there goes my healthy meal diet plan. I’ll try to get back to eating fish, veggies and fruits only next week after hubby’s vacation.


What One Word Describes You?

You Are Enthusiastic

You have a zest for life, and you're always finding something new to be excited about.
You have an amazing imagination, and unlike most people you tend to put your ideas into action.

You're always looking to improve yourself. You never stop learning or growing.
You are true to yourself and never a phony. You are always completely honest with people.

This is really true, life is something that you need to be excited about. There are lots of things to do, to imagine, to dream and to thank for. You just have to put your imaginative ideas into action to feel the excitement of life. We really have to learn more and never stop educating ourselves in the fields we never walked before. I'm planning to study again but not to have mastery on my finished degree but to learn baking. For me it's better to study what you didn't learn from college and I can also use it to become a full-pledged super Mom, don't you think so?


Working ‘Til Dawn

>> Thursday, June 3, 2010

I don’t want to work early morning today because the busy schedule and plenty of works got the best of me and I suddenly felt tired and weak. Yes just like a battery I felt drained due to many activities in the past few weeks. Anyway I didn’t feel any resentment as those busy days were all happy days of occasions, birthdays and church activities.

I really have to be up on my toes so after 2-3 hours of lounging on the sofa I began working again. I checked first some acne solutions that will help my niece in her acne dilemma and then I opened my mailbox. After warming up with letters and comments I started working on due tasks and was able to finish in time. The afternoon got busy as well with me cooking our favorite pasta as afternoon snack and dinner. Well that’s the reason while I’m still working up to now!


Things to Check before the Rainy Days

Rainy season is here at last and we welcome it with open arms because it decreased the heat we suffered for 3 months. It’s still hot sometimes but it’s more bearable now than before. Well as rains will surely come every day we need a lot of cleaning and maintenance to do including gutters, drainage, roofing’s and filters to clean like furnace, humidifier and spa filters. Actually we’ve already started this day on our general cleaning project and we felt good after seeing the results. It’s cleaner and more organized than before.


My Top Droppers for May 2010

It's time to thank all people and friends who dropped by, read and visited my site. You helped me in some way and I'm so grateful about it. Special thanks to the below top droppers who most have been in the same place like month like my friend Liz. Thanks!

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