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>> Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When you think of holidays and vacations you always associate it with expensive finances that’s why to some people they think they cannot afford it even if they’ll save for one year. This is the usual dilemma of those who want to relax and enjoy a few days off their routine schedule. Even if they want to have a relaxing vacation they don’t even plan for fear of not having enough budgetary allocation for it. People put their basic budget on the essential necessities first then if there’s a little savings on their monthly income they saved it for whatever they plan to have, be it appliances, properties or spend it on recreations. If there’s no excess or there’s only little left from the salary vacation will have to wait no matter how stressed we are from working hard.

Well not every one knew that there are cheap holidays available with discounted accommodations. Yes, you’ll be amazed that you can have a Majorca holidays at very affordable discount prices. Not all holidays are super expensive, you just have to find and search on the web for the great holiday package. Everybody deserved a break and you can be one of them who can spend a week or more in one of the beautiful destinations you’ve always dreamed for. Now that I have read a lot about this bargain holidays I should also start planning my own now, maybe I’ll have it somewhere along beach resorts or where my SIL is right now so I can also visit her and her kids. Vacation and visitation at the same time!


Being A WAHM

It’s hard to start working on an afternoon schedule. As I’ve worked for several years with mostly morning schedule I feel lazy working after lunch. It’s really easier and I’m more energetic starting at dawn which I’ve tried for two weeks now since I left my office employment. I’m beginning to feel the pressure of what I supposed every working Mom seems to have and that’s proper scheduling of household chores, the usual grocering and marketing, visits to kids’ school, attending school activities, banks, some community works etc. with balance on how you can also do your online tasks.

Hubby takes care of the bills as he’s working inside shopping mall where everything is there. I think it’s easier if I have a helper to do half of these jobs but I prefer (as of now) to really try it myself and see how tough I am lol! Let’s see how long I can handle being a Super Mom hahaha! Forever… I wish!


Care and Protection for our Elders

We love our elders in our homes and they usually the ones who cared for us when we were very young. As for me I still remember our granny who looks after our welfare when Mom is teaching in a nearby primary school and Dad is in his municipal office. Although we have our own nannies to look after our food, clothes and everything our Granny won’t let them take care of us fully. She’s always on our side and asking what we want. I still miss her now even though she passed away several years ago.

Now that my Mom is getting older and needs our care and attention I decided to leave my work so I can look after her and my kids. My decision was a major one but I’m confident that I can still earn my living through online jobs. And talking about our beloved elders we should be aware that as they grow old they need someone who will look after them the whole day. What if we’re working and will be away for 8 hours or more, what is our assurance that they will not fall or how will we know. That’s the time that we need something like Medical Alert, a device which gives our elders complete protection and automatically sends alert on sudden fall. Yes it is a fall detector device, no need to push a button because it sends automatically, isn’t it great? It’s sure to erase our worries when we leave them for a while.

Technology hasn’t been this good and so helpful to me as it is now that I can feel secured that somebody is out there to help them when they fall even if we’re not there all the time to look after them. Glad that I’ve found Medical Alert and how it’s going to ease our worries and fears over our grannies and old parents. Now that I’m a work-at-home devoting my time on my kids and Mom I realized that the most important things we could give to our loved ones are those that can’t be bought by money like love, time, care and attention. They loved and cared for us when we’re young and helpless so we should also look and care for them now that they need us.


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