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>> Saturday, September 7, 2013

Got some good news today, my previous company from which I’ve applied for a job called me up to say that I’m going to start my work on Monday. I’ve worked for the same employer for 16 years for two sister companies and resigned when I have to take care for my Mom and concentrate on online writing job. My online work sustained my family’s needs for six years now and even though I worked for these previous two years in a telecoms’ equipment company I still manage to be active in blogging. 

Online writing is a God-sent job for me as I can do it while taking care of my home and family. I can also continue doing it and earn money even if I have a real office job. Great isn’t it? Well it’s not that easy to do it especially if you’re working during the day because at the end of your working schedule you’re already tired. The hardest part of it is updating your blogs and making yourself available to direct advertisers when you’re already exhausted from your day’s work. This is the reason why I just recently resigned from my Makati work which is kinda sad for me quite a bit because I’m one of the pioneering employees there and I learned to love the company. 

Anyway no more sentiments as I’ll be returning to my old company and former colleagues and for sure I’ll be happy working with them again. Old friends at work are always a welcome thought as I have nice working memories with them and some of them are really close to my heart. I’ve never lose communication with them that they really look forward to seeing and working with me again. Well this time I’m working under a project and after my contract I’ll decide again if I want to work again. Until then I’m not sure of my decision. 

Looking back here's one of my despedida pic on the same employer I worked for 16 years. 


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