:Food Friday - Cheesy Maja

>> Friday, July 3, 2009

This is the very yummy maja with lots of cheese inside and out, just looking at this pic makes me want for more but no there aren't anymore of this as we consumed all of this very fast :-) This is a gift and pasalubong for my Mom from one of her wedding sponsored godchildren, specialty of Rina and her hubby Santi, a bank manager with a great flair for cooking.

Happy Food Friday to all, see other delicious food here!


Beautiful Lights to Brighten Up Your Homes

We took after our father’s love for designing houses. I think it runs in the family although it’s just my brother who pursued the field of civil engineering. My sister and I entered the world of computer courses. I remember when we were younger we used to spend our summer vacation designing and planning our dream house and we used to supplement our design with floor plans just like the real engineers. Well as my brother is into construction business now doing design and supervision on residential houses and buildings his talent and skills were directed properly into a lucrative source of income.

When we get to talk about his projects I asked him the latest trends in construction and designing and I usually delve further into his style in home lighting because I’m really interested in these things. I’ve always loved looking at beautiful houses with nice lighting because it exudes a warm ambiance and even on the outside houses looks noticeable. Lights make a lot of difference when it comes to the aura of the house be it in the dining, living room or kitchen area. It reflects the personality of the owner of the house if they’re conservative, modern or simple family. Actually if I see the ceiling light fixtures of the house I visit I can tell some characteristics of the people living in the house. It really reflects some of the owner’s personality.

Choosing the perfect lighting for your house can be tasking though as you’ll need to visit various shops to compare designs, stocks and prices. To help you with it you can go to Farreys which offers various choices of the finest light fixtures and products for your specific requirements and needs. They have what you want when it comes to lights like chandeliers, lamps, pendant lights, accent lighting, home lighting, outdoor lighting and many other lights particularly made to brighten up your home. You can be assured of their products’ quality, good craftsmanship and beautiful designs. Visit their site and transform your homes now.


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