Learning Journalism Early in Life

>> Friday, September 10, 2010

My daughter is into Campus Journalism in their school. They attend the special subject after their regular classes and they will tackle about making a structure of the news story, types of leads, body of the news and lots of pointers in writing. It’s good that early in their school life they were exposed to subject of learning like journalism because it will surely enrich their skills in writing their ideas. It will give them an advantage when they reach secondary education.

I also love writing and it has become my hobby since high school. It’s one of the college courses that I wanted to take when I was choosing my would-be career but opted for computer engineering to ensure better job opportunities. My dream was my second priority then. No regrets though as I’ve come to love my course and now being a blogger I can use both – my love for writing and my knowledge in computers.


Are You Puppy or Kitten

You Are a Puppy

You are very curious and boisterous. You are always getting into trouble.
You are definitely quite social, and you depend on your friends to keep you company.

You get bored easily, and you need to stay active to stay happy.
Deep down you just want to be loved and to love people. You wear your heart on your sleeve.

So that's what being puppy means - being curious, always in trouble, gets bored easily, active and happy.  More like me I guess but the one personality that's not me is being bored easily because there's no time for me to get bored.  I’m full of schedule and I don’t want to waste my energy on boredom.  I can erase it by walking, reading or worse - eating.  Now I'm guilty of that lol!


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