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>> Monday, August 27, 2012

Transferring to another location permanently or for some definite time only is both tasking as you have to do many things. Well it depends on the place you’re transferring to or how far the travel would be but just the same moving is one big task that some people didn’t want to do. I’ve experienced moving from my Mom’s provincial hometown to our new house built on my Dad’s town but at my very young age of 7 my concern is purely on the friends and relatives I will surely miss especially my Grand mom who wouldn’t want to leave the province to come with us. I was so sad and at first can’t understand why we have to move but time has taught me the reasons for moving.

My father works in his hometown as public servant then and he come home to our province on midweek and weekends to be with us. It was hard for him to be away from us on days that he’s in his work so he asked Mom if we can stay for good in his hometown instead. Well that’s several years back more than 3 decades but still very clear in my memory and every time I came to see family moving to some location I wish that they’ll be happy to wherever they will be moving. 

Aside from the emotional part of moving the big task lies in the packing and unpacking of documents, clothes and other things that needed to be transferred. It will also include shipping or moving furniture and other big appliances that cannot be packed similarly with the documents. Some moving truck or moving companies don’t accept small moves but with Ship Smart  there are no small or big moves. They accept Domestic small moves, international shipments, custom packing and shipping solutions.

Their services also include shipping for not so easy equipment and furniture like computer and server, antique decors, home furniture, electronics, artwork and a lot more things that requires careful moving and shipping. So for all your big and small moves  requirements don’t hesitate to get a moving quote online and start planning your moving. Don’t stress yourself with the entire task and begin looking forward to your move.


Online Work is Picking Up

Together with my online friends whom I've known for the past 5 years of my blogging years I'm so glad that after more than a year of low peak in online writing tasks I can say that the works are picking up quite nicely these past few weeks. I had a great time 2010 when I was a year off my corporate work and just working at home. It was such a nice setup...working online at home with good income, being able to take care of my kids and husband and enjoying a different kind of life. 

I worked for 19 years since graduation at various offices and the new work setup was a nice respite from those working years. However when it suddenly reached a low peak season a year ago I returned to regular corporate work and continue with blogging when I'm at home. It's a hard work having two jobs as I continued my paid blogging even I'm busy. Now patience paid off as it's becoming very active now. Happy that it's picking up now.


Loving Handcrafted Products

I’ve always love receiving handcraft gifts when I was younger. Some of my friends liked giving me unique gifts made of personalized wood crafts where my name and their dedications are imprinted on the gift. It serves as gifts for special occasion and remembrance as well. I actually have those little gifts until now and treasure them as part of my good memories with my friends.

Now that we’re thinking of renovating our place to make it a duplex house I’m planning not only the house design but that of the furniture we will buy and install as well. It would be nice to have one of those Agee Woodworks handcrafted cabinets and shelves in our kitchen to minimize clutters and maximize the space also for my cooking activities.

Seeing Agee products makes me look back to those times when people used to love customized furniture made especially for special requests and requirements. With their handcrafted fireplace mantels, surrounds, shelves and cabinets you’ll have the choice if you want it primed, painted or stained in variety of colors. Their mantels can be bought finished or unfinished if you want to be the one to paint or stain it to give harmony with the existing interiors. You can try their products and experience competitive pricing and reliable customer support service.


Work Schedule Change

Today is the last day of long weekend and a holiday for National Heroes Day.  We just spent the day here in the house bonding with the whole family.  In between playing and watching movies I finished and submitted due tasks for today until tomorrow as I'll have office work and not sure if I can finish all my online task work.  

Glad that I was able to work on my dues with a feeling of contentment that tomorrow I will not worry about due tasks.  I'm not sure of my work tasks in the office tomorrow but I have readied myself into what will be announced tomorrow on our work schedule.  Hope it will benefit both sides and will suffice all. Will do lots of filing on my finished proposals tomorrow.


Reliable AC Service for Home and Business

My SIL lives in another part of the globe where the weather is cold most of the seasons. She has learned to adjust to the climate and conditions there as the years passed by. Every other year she would spend a month-long vacation here and because she’d rather stay in their home than in hotel she had an air-conditioning system installed in each of the rooms and in the whole ground floor covering living room, dining room and kitchen. 

Temperature can be so hot most of the times even if their home is located near the mountain and in such state of temperature she cannot bear to stay without a good air conditioner. Air Conditioner seems a necessity than a luxury these days when the days are hotter than the normal days. The temperature is not only hot but humid as well making way for people especially kids acquiring common sickness and difficulty in sleeping at night. 

To prevent this occurrence it’s better to have residential AC install  on your homes for better air quality and resistance to further health complications. But then again we should be aware of how we can maintain air conditioning system to its full capabilities to ensure high performance and energy savings. Finding a good maintenance plan like that of Blue Air will be on good input as they provide free estimates and an inclusive plan to attend to your specific requirements such as air flow, noise reduction, duct design and more. 

They offer 1-year warranty on labor and manufacturer’s warranty on equipment. Blue Air can provide your residential needs as well as commercial AC services  to keep your employees comfortable in their work. Their reliable services include filter services, energy savings analysis, equipment maintenance, repair and replacement, refrigeration and a lot more. They work hand in hand to answer all your heating and cooling needs.


The Blessing of Online Earnings

I had a great time working here at home just like when I resigned from work and concentrated on my online writing job. Online work and jobs has its perks and drawbacks. I’ve experienced getting a lot from it two years ago that I thought the high peak earnings would go on for years. It was such an ideal work as I don’t have to go out and travel for work. I can work in the comfort and convenience of my work and still attend to the needs of my family anytime.

But when it reached the low peak season which continued for more than a year I realized it’s not stable enough so I decided to grab the offer to work in my friend’s company. As good as it was the work offers started to lessen and some of the companies that give enough tasks to suffice our earnings became delinquent with payments. 

Nevertheless I didn't put my spirits down and continued my online writing job. Together with my regular office work I devoted time on both hoping the blessings will return again even if it almost took some of my sleeping hours, sacrificing a lot of my time for myself. Today is just a holiday that I was able to blog at home and get to finish my due tasks. Well it seems my sacrifices for keeping up with it is paying now as I think the blessing is returning.the blessing of online earnings.


A Different Kind of Condo Living

Choosing the place of our homes takes a lot of consideration. You have to consider many things like amenities, community, environment, cost and accessibility to basic necessities. It doesn’t end there though because people have preferences in life. Besides the usual considerations in determining our choice we usually have our minds set on which kind of home we want to spend our time away from our work. Well most may want a real house on suburban or urban homes or others may prefer country living in farm but some want the modern kind of living in luxury condos because it offers a respite from the usual kind. 

Many friends I know who are single and has 1 or two kids only prefer to live nearby their place of work. They find it very convenient to just walk their way to their work and to amenities that they grow accustomed to like shopping malls, sports center, entertainment centers, hospitals and many others which convinced them that living in condos can be such a better choice for them. Well the emergence of such homes has given us a different kind of perspective when it comes to defining what home is. 

When you get to see beautifully designed units like condos in Austin, Texas  you’ll learn that you can live in luxurious environment without spending expensively on buying mansion house. The Austonian has introduced a higher level of living but with a high regard also on helping our environment save energy, land and other resources. As the condo is just a walking distance to where they want to go the need for using cars is minimized thereby promoting decrease in pollution and traffic jams. So if you want to try a different kind of living try one of those Austonian condos for a change.


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