No Car for Now!

>> Monday, October 5, 2009

It's more than a week since the flood but until now we're cleaning our car and scheduling it for checkup to our mechanic. Hubby is learning how to deal with it studying the process that we'll have to do with the car which was submerged with flood waters almost reaching the top. He has already drained the oil which was penetrated with water.

The cleaning of the car’s carpet will have to wait now because hubby has already reported for work yesterday. He’s thinking that his paper works might swallow him if he stayed in the house for another week. I can’t make him rest for few days more. Actually when he sees our car in its present situation he can’t rest as he’s anticipating bigger funds for it to return to normal operation. I just don’t know how long we have to hire a cab in going to church every Sunday.

Picture was taken the day after the big flood, the water has partly subsided here around 2 ft.


Having Patio on Your Homes

I love mornings and I’m at my best on that time of the day when it comes to cooking. I sometimes cook the rest of my menu for the day on mornings especially if I have so many tasks to finish, that way I’ll never have to worry about my family’s food on lunch and dinner.

For me breakfast should be taken in full quantity because it’s the start of the day. To make breakfast more exciting you should take it round the places of your home like us who spend some breakfast on our patio. It makes me think that Patio Covers should also be of good quality and durable for many useful occasions. Anyway when choosing Patio Table and Chair Covers you must learn some tips or ideas on how to carefully check your chosen covers.

Patio has many uses on us that are why we have one near our garden and another terrace upstairs. Why? My father love staying on patio, he says that he can rest his tired body just sitting on it. Now that he’s passed away already I’m beginning to understand what he has been telling us. I’m looking at some Patio Chair Covers to accentuate the Patio Table Covers that I’ve chosen for our patio near the garden. I was attracted to various designs offered by Empire patio covers especially the Patio Furniture Covers which would perfectly fit our patio upstairs. Once again our patio upstairs will look beautiful again with those pretty covers.


Curious As A Cat: Week Number 187

1) Have you ever been in a car accident? Yes, What happened? Nothing much just a scratch on my arms because we were thrown at the front of the passenger vehicle when the driver suddenly braked. riding.

2) Have you ever been in a play? I'm not the artist kind :-) If so, do you remember any of your lines? Not at all!

3) How often do you go to the park? Seldom What do you usually there? I read, watch and take pictures

4) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one. With the picture below, the first thing that comes to my mind is decorative items for holiday season!!!

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Back to Normal!

I’ve noticed that I don’t look so fat now after the whole week of trying to get back things into normal. Kids resumed their classes after a week of staying in the house, hubby returned to work as well even if his feet is not perfectly well and I got only few things that need to be cleaned and arranged. I’m glad that we were able to make our appliances work again even if some of them were submerged in flood waters. Except for our components everything is working now including refrigerator, washing machine, gas range and clothes dryer. Leather sofas were cleaned up; we gave one set of living room sofa to garbage collectors who were happy to receive as they can repair it. I don’t have to think of effective weight loss pills now as I’ve worked so hard on household tasks. I don’t think I’ll gain some pounds for now because I work so hard and eat just a small amount. I’m more particular now with resting my body from over fatigue than eating.


Five Things I Would Do.....

Now this week's theme is a little dreamy lol! Ok I'll post my five things here, the things that I would do, if money were no object.

Five things I would do, if money were no object.

1. Help build a building for our church so we will not rent anymore and design a church place according, to our requirements. I want a church that will include a swimming pool for baptism, a half hectare lot for camp fellowship, sunday school for children, new musical instruments for our musicians and a vast library for everyone!
2. Free health card for everyone!!!
3. Scholarship not only to super brainy children but for average students as well who have the will to attain good education.
4. Buy a vacation resort near the beach so my family, friends and church mates can relax there anytime they want.
5. Buy a franchise of Jollibee (one of kids' favorite fastfood resto in the Phils.) so my kids can go there and eat anytime they want lol!

Well ok it's only a dream but anyway I'm not asking for the moon right? Even in my dreams I try to dream the possible ones! Hope you enjoyed reading it!

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Free Web Directory

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