Music Inclination Since Early Ages

>> Monday, September 17, 2012

Our ancestors were inclined in music and been known in our town as musicians and singers in their time. Now I can see the legacy through my brother’s kids and on my own. My brother’s eldest is playing piano, guitar, drums and flute. His two teen girls are into piano and his youngest is studying violin now. We’re glad he’s able to support their penchant for music and has enough funds to send them to music school. 

I was thinking that if our father still lives he would be very happy to see all his grandchildren are into playing various music instruments as he himself plays the piano in his prime. He has no formal schooling but he is very patient in learning. In fact the piano that he bought in 1945 is also the piano that my brother’s kids are using. Big bro has sent it for repair and restoration few years back to preserve the piano and the memories of our Dad.


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