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>> Wednesday, December 30, 2009

With the modern innovations that keep on coming and reaching us you also have to be on the go when it comes to studying current technology so you won’t be left behind. This is a generation of short messages but long working hours. But this is also the generation where kids show exemplary performance in education and skills in computer know-how. Somehow it keeps me thinking that it has some disadvantage as the younger generation becomes lazy in their studies as they want everything easily researched and easily done.

As I’ve graduated from Computer Engineering course I find it easy to adjust to technical works and modern technology though I also have to study further to keep up with the current trends. This has helped me a lot when I entered this online world and I was able to use some of my knowledge in blogging. I was hooked up to writing when I was still studying but prefer to take up a different field of study to ensure good opportunities in finding job as my course is one of the most in-demand course during my time.

Blogging has been a way for me to write and share my experiences and inspirational thoughts and through this I was able to meet some really nice online friends. When I finally realized that I really enjoy blogging I immediately bought my own domain to enjoy the full grasp of being a blogger. I’ve chosen my web host through reading reviews like GoDaddy Review which discusses its features, capabilities, reliability, support and many other things that tells the good service that the web host is capable of. Actually it’s not only review that I read that got me into buying domain from them but a recommendation from my friend. I can say now that it’s all worth it because GoDaddy not only offer affordability but high quality service as well. No need to worry about redirecting your domain as they have user-friendly tools, good technical support and accommodating customer service. I can honestly say this as I have two of my blogs hosted by them and I didn’t experience any problem with them. I’m a satisfied customer.


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