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>> Saturday, March 1, 2014

My sister and I are searching and planning for a small business that would equal the income of our corporate employment. We’re expecting some finances in the coming months or years and we’d like to invest on something that will give us freedom from working on regular company schedule. We’re working for more than two decades already and as we’re not growing any younger we’re thinking of our future source of income. We’ve grown so close together having been in same school all throughout our life from primary to college, been at the same house since birth and attending the same church for over 20 years as well that we want also to share the same business. 

As we’re going through all possibilities we’re prioritizing bankable field of business like franchise of salable food items, rentals of some sorts and maybe a school supplies or music store which we’re also fond of. We love music and as such we will love to have a one-stop-shop for musical instruments and various music items or accessories. Since not all people will be able to afford expensive items all the times we want some quality inexpensive instruments for the clients we’re targeting. 

I just heard that one of our church mate’s son has been eyeing some cheap drum sticks at wwbw when he browsed it online and we’re thinking that it would also be nice to have an online store also to display the goods we have for the music enthusiast. Well these are just some of our business plans and whatever pushes through I know God had His way on it for the business to flourish and give us enough income to live by. Hope we’ll be able to think further and come up with the right business for the two of us.


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