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>> Saturday, May 7, 2011

Working in a computer related company, providing e-solutions to our corporate clients is our topmost job. We often use Change management software as part of our solution plan for them. It offers many benefits in terms of plans and necessary tools and kits needed for the said changes. Most are user friendly software that you can download and are really capable of bringing an effective solution. The said software contains all the needed information and instructions that will keep you guided all through out the said process in transition. It has been said to be proven effective as the software has been carefully developed to fully become functional, dedicated to management and organization solution


Gift Watches

I love watches and my Dad knows about it that he gave me an expensive leather watch when I was very young in grade school. He didn’t hesitate to permit me to wear it in my school even if it’s a little dangerous that way because I was only in grade 3. Well I kept it in good shape for few years before I store it in my precious keepsake box. Then I switch from different watches that caught my fancy. I never really did care for branded and expensive watches that are beyond my financial capacity except that my cousin gave me Casio Watches when she began to work abroad. I was touched by her thoughtfulness as she has many sisters and I’m only her first cousin. Well she’s like a sister to me as she’s grown with my Mom as her guardian so she’s so close to us.

Now with three growing kids with multiple expenses including their school fees I have to save for months before I can buy a branded watch or before I can give a gift like that to my dear husband on his birthday. I was just lucky to be blessed with two jobs now, a corporate job and an online writing job that will support my family needs and at the same time supply us some money for our little whims and wishes. One that I want to give as a gift is one of those Armani Watches I’ve seen online. It’s expensive but very elegant, masculine and with some of the features that DH would surely love. I was just happy to note that there’s a good price at Dealsaholic.


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