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>> Thursday, October 8, 2009

(Gold-colored, Gold Plated, Yellow, Sun Flowers, Jewellery, Blonde, First-rate, Special,...)

This 'Golden' colored toddler shoes was shot in one of the famous shoe department store in Araneta Center. I was shopping with my kids and trying to find black shoes for Josh and pretty slippers for my girld when these pair of shoes caught my attention. Actually its the color and size that made me look at it twice then I grabbed my cam and took a shot. It's so cute and I can't help myself from taking a shot even though I was aware that I'll might get attention. So I'm sharing these shoes with you guys, isn't it real cute?

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Diamonds are Forever

There are many ways of making your loved ones feel special you can give them extra ordinary attention, treat them to a special dinner, give them unique gifts, write them a sweet letter or just say you care and love them. It’s not important how you do it or how you’re able to say it. It can’t be measured on how expensive your gifts are or how much time you spend with them. It’s the quality of time and the sincerity of your love that measures. It applies to your family, friends, relatives and special someone. It just differs on the level of love you have for every person you love.

For men you can show your love to the woman you love and make it more special if you ask her to marry you and give her an engagement ring. Well that’s something that can prove your love to her and for the girl it’s a treasure that she’ll always keep and cherish. For the man who can afford such elegant and priceless Diamond Engagement Rings it must be splendid because diamonds are forever, as they say. Expensive as it is diamonds are proven to last forever because it’s of the finest quality and superb elegance. And if you’re the woman who will receive that kind of ring you’ll also feel that you’re also like the diamonds, you are the woman that he’ll forever love come what may. Isn’t it romantic?


No Electricity and No Connection

There was a great blast of transformer located in Taytay plant that happened last night which partly paralyzed most Metro Manila and nearby towns' electricity. We were lucky to get electricity after every 4 hours but didn't managed to post entries because SmartBro, my broadband internet suffered failure again on some areas including ours. I went to my brother's house to submit my tasks but unfortunately his connection is intermittent until we lost electricity again. I was desperately trying to look for a combination of power and internet and finally was able to get a good one in one of the internet cafe next town to us. Sorry for my ec droppers and visitors because I was not able to return the visits. I rented a PC for just about one hour because I can't leave my kids at home without electricity. Will just visit you when things normalize again. Good day!


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