Remembering My Friend On Her Birthday

>> Monday, September 8, 2008

It’s my friend Meline’s birthday today but unlike past years I won’t be able to greet her on the phone, sent her a text message or even emailed her an e-card because she’s not here anymore. She’s now resting in a place where she will no longer feel the pain of sickness, a place where she will not anymore seek and long for her family’s love and attention. I know she’s happy now resting her soul and having her peace at last. My friend died few months ago last March this year. She had a breast cancer and undergone chemotherapy treatment which in time brought complications on her lungs which finally caused her death in just six months from treatment.

Met her in 2003 when I was assigned here in BT&T, a sister company of DSI. She’s an accounting associate and together we started handling accounting and finance department of B&T. She taught me a lot in accounting and in the process we became very close friends even if she’s only a part-time consultant working 3 days a week.

We’re so fond of each other even if we shared different belief and tradition as she’s a Catholic and I’m a born-again Christian. Friendship bridged the difference. After 3 years she resigned from BT&T for a care-giving job in Canada but didn’t pursue that when she learned that she has acquired cyst on her breast.

I missed her so much as she has never missed a day of sending me thoughtful and inspirational text messages, she never runs out of load. She didn’t tell her family and friends that her doctor has told her that she 6 months to live only. I wasn’t informed also but felt that she’s leaving us when she sent me a message thanking me for the friendship that we had and asking sorry for all her shortcomings. Being close to her the message sent shivers down my spine and told her to hold on and God will help her.

Little did I know that she was in a hospital, when I learned and scheduled to visit her on her house her sister Ellen told me she passed away. I cried because I wanted to hold her hand personally and share God’s word but when I finally saw her she’s not there anymore. I know then that she was just around us seeing us visit her wake and I silently prayed and told her ‘I will never forget you friend, your memories will stay with me forever’ God Bless You!


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