:Food Friday - Spaghetti

>> Friday, May 29, 2009

My entry for today is one of my favorite snack - spaghetti, well I love all forms and kinds of pasta and because I love it it's also one of my specialtes. My kids would always tell me whenever I cooked spaghetti that it tastes better than Jollibee lol!

Kids always compare anything that they eat with Jollibee, McDo and KFC, funny! Well this is not my cooking it's one of the foods that we ate this lunchtime. It's Berry's birthday (my senior boss’ daughter) on Sunday and she ordered KFC chicken and brought this spaghetti which is actually different from my saucy pasta but tastes yummy too with lots of cheese and ground meat!

Sorry guys for the not-so clear shot as my battery run out of life and I'm too hungry to switch battery and repeat the shot! This will do for now!

Happy Food Friday to all, enjoy your weekend!


Wear That Dazzling Smile

I’ve always loved perfect beautiful smile. Every time I took pictures of my kids for their portrait I like them to give their best smile. They were lucky that they inherit the dimpled face of their grandmother that made their smiles beautiful. But the real and most important reason of captivating smiles are having well maintained and healthy teeth.

I’ve noticed that those people with jobs that deal with communicating personally with people like receptionists, sales executives, celebrities and models that need constant exposure to people and camera everyday paid much attention on their looks especially their teeth.

I love looking at those commercials featuring models with gorgeous smiles. They were even hired to promote toothpaste. Well most people can have dazzling smiles only if they don’t have missing teeth, gap in the teeth can cause speech difficulty and slightly awkward on your appearance. For those who doesn’t the look of false teeth you can try other advance technology like implant dentistry in San Diego CA which creates a natural look on the patient. You’ll certainly wear that gorgeous smile you longed for after your dental implants. My SIL changed her false teeth into dental implants and she’s very happy with the results. With these dental technology updates you can now wear your perfect smile.


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