Closet Turned Into Office

>> Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another beautiful makeover of closet turned into an office.  I like how they've done a slight corner for the computer and the chair then putting a small sofa on the right side for a visitor to sit on or when you suddenly feel like resting.  I always find a need to have something to rest when I'm tired working in front of the computer.  Well I can't do it when I'm in the office so it's best when I'm working at  home.  

This concept is perfect for making your home office and maximizing every space in your house to fit in new additions.  I might use this concept when I decide to work at home full time in the next few months.  God willing my husband and I will find ways on how to increase our family income so I can leave my office work.  Been praying for it for months now.


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