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>> Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My friend was excited to see her sisters after a year of not seeing them. They were based in New York for several years now and she makes it a point to visit them at least once a year. She now owns a small architectural consultancy firm which has clients abroad and her business is going so well that she can afford to be on travels frequently. She loves tours and New York Attractions seem to be her favorite itinerary whenever she’s on vacation with her sisters. She values her time so much that she’s always taking advantage of tour packages to be able to round up her favorite places in New York in scheduled hours.

Now Freestyle New York makes it so convenient and easy for tourists and sightseers to see NYC their way. They offer one flat rate for multiple double-decker bus tours, tickets to museums and cruises, airport transfers and vouchers for dining. You just pick 3 or 5 menu items then you can use it to their list of entities. No second thoughts on the place to see as the tickets are accepted at all entities so you will not be pressured on the list of places to see. You’ll enjoy their Freestyle menu and go where you want and when you want.


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