Birthday Blowout

>> Thursday, September 18, 2008

As promised Osang gave her birthday blowout today, here in our office we really love to eat and every birthday that falls on weekdays were never missed to celebrate. Sometimes if it falls on weekends we adjust it to the following working days. Osang brought chicken lollipops, lumpiang shanghai and ordered cake and lechon manok. She also requested Art to cook liempo in turbo. Well this is not all because Rissa came with a cake also and another visitor brought another. That’s not a problem anyway because we love cakes! We really like having Rissa around on birthdays because we miss her since she left BT&T last year. She’s as pretty as ever even if she’s 3 months preggy! Well now everybody seemed to forget diet lol!

Just look at the pictures and you’ll say yummy!


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