Biometric System Benefits

>> Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Few days ago I enrolled again in our biometric safe bringing back my memories several years ago of how we started learning about the safe and reliable log equipment of employees. We were given a choice if we would like our thumbs pressed unto machine or we could create a password. 

I actually had no choice when the machine took so long to read my fingerprints and it’s just the password code that let me log in and out. I like the system that way because no employee would be able to log in or out without the record of the thumbmark or password because it encourages not only punctuality but discipline as well. 

I learned a lot of that when I experienced working in Makati where you have to prepare so early in the morning just to be able to get to your office. Anyway this kind of system for the logging in and out is really nice so when I heard about fingerprint gun safe it gave me an idea on how it would so helpful to have this in your work or home as well. It does not only protect special accessories but gives you a feeling that you’ll be safe from thieves from just one thumbmark for you.


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