Choosing a Career and Reaching Our Goals

>> Monday, October 20, 2014

We all have dreams in life and whether we reached it or is still trying to meet our goals it doesn’t matter as long as we’re determined and focused. When I was in college I didn’t followed my heart in choosing my career instead I used some practicality. I’ve chosen a career in computer field because at that time you are assured to easily land a good job when you finished a computer course. True to what I’ve been taught it wasn’t hard for me to find a job because of my finished degree. 

Well we all have our calling and destiny but we can create our own good future when we set our mind to the things we want to achieve. Success is not far from people who strive to do their best and give their utmost performance in every endeavor they take. It’s the same in learning and playing music because when you aim to be a good musician and own a quality musical instrument like epiphone black beauty. If you put your mind into every goal you want to reach you can be the best of what you want to be.


TideBuy Lolita Dress for Costumes and Special Occasion

>> Friday, October 10, 2014

I’ve been counting the days to the longest holiday of the year and now it’s just more than two months and we’re off to our holiday. In our office there’s still no news where we’ll going to have our company Christmas party but anyway I’m used to them already as they can make ways and reservations even there’s only a month left. For some companies they celebrate Christmas parties with themed costumes like the one we had in my previous employer. We were asked to have a theme of our own and I dressed up as a Cowgirl. It’s actually an easy one as I already have some cowgirl tops and I just bought a hat and a brown leather shoes to go with it. 

It’s fun and we’re all satisfied with our own costumes like Mrs. Smith, Korean Mom, Snow White and some anime characters. Other companies requires star wars, retro, ballroom, various decades like 70s, 80s and many others. It doesn’t matter whatever costumes you choose to dress as long as you’re happy doing it and your effort to do your best is what counts most. I was thinking now what will be our company’s theme this year if ever there will be one. It will be fun to have one like having those conservative Tidebuy classic Lolita dress for a change. I’ve seen some online and I find it elegant and very classic as well. 

Well it will always be fun if there’s a theme but if there’s none it’s not a bad news as we can always go to a party with our chosen dress or outfit. For those who want to look for some nice dresses for costume, parties or even plays and stage presentation you can always browse for Tidebuy Lolita dress and shop conveniently wherever you are whether you are at work or at home. 

Check out and choose the perfect dress for your specific taste and style. I’m sure you’ll find one that will fit your need for whatever occasion you might want to attend. Browse their special dresses for wedding, birthday, anniversary, school presentation or just a casual dress for everyday use.


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