Tons of Work Helps Me Lose Weight

>> Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We’re experiencing super hot afternoons and I’ve advised the oldies here not to go out frequently after 10 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon because the effect could be hazard to their health. Many senior citizens in our place suddenly experienced strong headache and high blood pressure. I’m just relieved that I’m on the low blood pressure side as I’m the one who’s always on the go and I can’t afford it if I’ll be experiencing ill feeling. I have plenty of offline duties with my kids’ school activities and household chores. To add to these tasks I have tons of online tasks to finish. I’m wondering if I still have to look for the best weight loss product now that my activities seems to surpass my exercise sweating lol! Now I can see these activities as a big advantage on my weight loss don’t you think?


:RT/WW - Gen at Gardenia

Just love Gen's smile here just like Mr. Gardenia's happy smile. Someone has said something funny here about the stone statue of the yummy bread that suddenly Gen broke into a smile, good thing for her souvenir pic here. Just one of our itinerary on their last school year's field trip. I love our stay there at the factory of Gardenia where you can smell the good taste of Gardenia every where mmm yummy! Got another entry here!

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Discipline in Eating Habits

I’ve done with marketing for our foods and I’ve bought plenty of fruits for my healthy diet. I don’t skip meals but I always eat two to three kinds of fruits during lunch and dinner. It makes me feel satisfied and full so I don’t have to take more rice and other foods. I’m doing this healthy meal plan for my health because nowadays sickness are everywhere and one way to combat sickness is to maintain a good diet meal plan which consist mostly of fruits and vegetables. Hope I’ll be able to maintain this meal plan so I don’t have to use the fat burner for women pills my friend is recommending me. I just need a real discipline and patience.


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