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>> Monday, July 19, 2010

Moving to another place gives you mixed feelings and emotions. I know this feeling because I’ve experienced moving from Mom’s hometown province to live in my father’s town near the city. My Dad renovated their ancestral Spanish house for us to live when we left our house in the province. My Mom was a teacher and she easily landed a regular position in one of the schools in town. It was sad for me as I had to leave my first grade school, my best friend and close relatives. I was very young then so I never knew the hassles of packing and travelling involved in long distance moving . Well my Mom never complained of anything to my Dad and it was really a good move, it’s just that it’s sad to leave the place where you grow up.

There are many reasons for moving like better job opportunities, new community, improved status of living and some other reasons. Whatever reasons you may have moving and storage can really be an exhausting job but it can also be an exciting experience. We shouldn’t be feeling sad with moving because it also gives us opportunity to be in better community, meet new friends and expand our horizons.

There are many good possibilities in moving to other areas and Smartbox can help you move with comfort, convenience and great affordability. You don’t have to worry about strenuous packing and costly truck rental because Smartbox’ mobile storage containers can hold a room of furniture and appliances. They will deliver it to you so you can start packing your things and inform them when you’re done. Their smaller boxes are also perfect for more flexible sorted house accessories and sorted things. You only have to pay for the boxes you’ve used and refund the unused boxes so you’ll have more savings for your money. You’re moving out is not only convenient this way because it’s economical too!


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