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>> Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Now that my two daughters are on their way to fulfilling their dreams and working their way into their desired careers I’m always by their side to support whenever they need my help. Of course their Dad is also hands-on on assisting them on their projects and providing whatever materials they need. Aside from academics we also try to give them training on learning to play various musical instruments which they love to do. 

All three of them have one or two instruments they love to study. Gen has the most number of musical instruments tried and we found her so gifted with playing. She has no professional studies on music but she plays skillfully with grace and passion. I guess it’s because of genes as my grandfather plays alpha and other string instruments so well. 

We love seeing them offer song in our church with Ruth and Josh singing while Gen playing keyboards or guitar. In the following months I know that Josh can play keyboards as good as her elder sister as he’s so keen on mastering his music craft. They’re so fond of instruments and accessories that I saw them browsing through digitech jamman last weekend. Gen told me that she’ll collect more when she has the money to buy her favorites.


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