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>> Friday, May 17, 2013

Since my online work for now is manageable I can schedule writing posts at night because I find the weather conducive to working. I can think straight and produce creative ideas when it’s colder and besides it’s too hot for my lappy to work for several hours on hot temperature. Because of this I can work on my household during the day and today we had some general cleaning of all our cabinets and book shelves. It was worth my time because we were able to prepare the kids’ school things for the opening of classes. I gave my girls extra drawers for their accessories and girly stuff. 

When we finished our inventory and cleaning we spent the rest of the afternoon arranging the musical instruments. We checked our keyboards, guitar, flute and lyre. The kids love it when they devote their time on learning their instruments particularly the keyboard and guitar. Lately the head of the music ministry in the church urged them more to study and practice more so they can assume the responsibility of playing the keyboard or piano because there’s no one playing that particular instrument. 

 I’m glad Gen got the hang of it and can play several pieces now but when she’s at home she beg me to let her play the guitar first because it’s her fave musical instrument. She’s very interested with the guitar and continuously searching for better brands that she’ll going to buy when she has saved enough money. She told me about the pedal steel guitar at guitar center she saw online and asked me if she would be able to buy one. As young as she is she’s very determined on reaching her goals whether it’s school awards, music things or any other dream of hers.


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