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>> Wednesday, April 7, 2010

As many bloggers know having your domain and choosing your web hosting is very important in blogging. I remember when I started blogging three years ago I was content in having a free-hosted blog but when I’m already blogging for months I realized the necessity of owning your own domain name. With this realization I started finding a web host that will satisfy my need for good service and affordable price. I read reviews and gathered information from my friends who knew some web hosting providers. Reading reviews is very important as you’ll know the top providers, their capacities and their rates. You can start from there as I’ve done in my blogs.

Now I’m maintaining more than one blog and each have their own domain name. I’m still thinking of adding a new health and home site to my currents blogs and as such I’m browsing some sites to know the latest offers from the top ten web hosting providers. I found that bluehost review have a lot of positive things from the users’ review and it’s now no. 2 in the list. It offers unlimited domain hosting, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space. And they have a special offer now of a free domain for a very small amount. Well that’s really an offer if I may say so and with excellent customer support which is what I’m always looking for because it’s very important when you have trouble in your site. Some of my friends are already using bluehost and I haven’t heard any negative comments.

If you want to read reviews and search for the right web host for your site you can check out, a free web hosting review site that provides the list of top ten web hosting providers, articles, reviews and everything you need to know in finding the right web hosting provider.


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