GSP and Malling

>> Saturday, August 9, 2008

Finally we've visited the SM branch in Taytay and it's because the activity of my girls' Girl Scout was held there. It was a GSP All Age Activities that's why the management have under estimated the capacity of the SM event center to accommodate all Girl Scouts from Rizal and in other towns of Metro Manila near Rizal. We usually held our program in Pasig capitol because the place there is so big it can be used for large function

Anyway since it's in the mall the kids were so happy not just in girl scouting but also in the thought of strolling after the activities. True to their thoughts I really let them roam , stroll and eat wherever they want so they can relax and have some bonding with them. We've visited shops catering to kids like National Bookstore, Precious Pages, Quantum, we even looked at Lumanog musical instruments because Gen was eyeing Lyre and Guitar instrument. I just stopped at some surplus and garments store. Final destination was at SM hypermart to do some grocering and marketing. We're all very happy and tired when we finally reached home.


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