Full-Time Job Again

>> Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I’m on board full time since the first of May and as I looked back on how I decided on giving it a try I began to realize that it caused me some real hard thinking. Well as of now I’m enjoying it just like the old corporate days but the difference now is I have a stable online job to back me up if things get worse. I don’t have to worry if I’m going to last or be there for several years. The thing is – I’m just enjoying what I’m doing and there’s no pressure on going to work with a hard heart because I don’t have a choice. This time I have a choice and whatever choice it is I’ll make sure that I’ll be happy with my choices. Life is good and beautiful.


Ranger Accessories

Our place is known for many industries and a good place to live because of proximity to the nearest city and the town is abounded by malls, good schools and universities, restaurants, resorts and a lot more. Since it’s comfortable and convenient to reside the population of people and vehicles grew and now we’re often times told to have traffic jams and over busy streets. Well I can say that modern times causes such negative results sometimes because cars seems to flood the streets because everyone want to drive a car on their way to their respective offices and work places. 

My friend would never dare to drive a car on such situations as he will be late for work. He always use his motorbike for two good reasons such as big savings on gasoline and time. Actually he now asks me about Polaris Ranger Accessories he saw online. He’s really very interested on those things and always bookmarks sites that sell accessories for his motor bike. For him having sites that can help him find the right accessories is such a bliss that’s why he keeps them always.


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