Remembering Holiday Activities

>> Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In less than three months now we’ll have the busiest and most festive holiday of the year. I remember dreading this holiday when it comes to work because I don’t like their setup on giving gifts to clients and associates of the company. It’s always stressful because it’s often close to vacation dates and sometimes when I arranged my birthday celebration which is a few days before Christmas it usually coincide with us rushing to get the gifts packed, named and delivered.

Anyway there are more happy memories like celebrating my birthday on the same day of our company party and hundreds of employees greet me with special mention from my dearest boss. It’s also the time when that I receive promotional products and gifts from our clients and providers. Most of them became my friends and they like including me in their gift list. Sometimes I miss those times when I and my office friends attend our company party because I get to see those employees working in remote areas but I really love my life now. I simply enjoy holidays with my family, friends, school mates and church mates without stress, just pure fun and lots of expenses.


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