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>> Monday, April 12, 2010

When I visited my brother he showed me his newly purchased desktop computer which is really fast and very reliable. He has many computers which are used by his kids and he bought this one for his engineering computer works. His laptop nearly gave up him so he’ll return to using desktop when working at home. He can always use the He told me that the more mobile your laptop is the more it is prone to damage. Anyway I’ll still save for my own laptop this year so I can do my work anytime and anywhere.


Wishing for Drizzles!

It’s super hot summer these days and you’ll wish you’ll never get out of your house on daytime. Just now I went to school with my two daughters to get their class cards. We brought along my flash drive to the nearest printing shop in the school to have our pictures printed and it took us lunchtime to finish everything we need before going home. I promised some of the printed pictures to Gen’s teacher and she’s very happy to have her copy of their picture last Recognition day.

To quench our thirst we ordered 3 Halo Halo while we waited for the printing. We didn’t monitor our time and before we knew it’s already lunchtime. It’s like being in the oven when you’re out in the sun; our atmosphere is really on the worst El Nino period. I’m wishing for the drizzles!

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