Maximizing Recreational Time and Honing Talents

>> Monday, December 2, 2013

I’m always busy with the demands of my work being an administrative officer in one of the projects of the company. We all know that this kind of job entails one to know almost everything when it comes to office operation and sometimes involve HR tasks, management and various administration works. Anyway even in my busy days I always have time for my kids’ need in school and some other family things that I get to witness how they maximize their recreation time by practicing their musical pieces. 

Well some of their school mates are also into playing musical instruments because their school encourages honing talents and skills. They’re even active in stage music presentations that they know using cool par36 lenses would be a great addition to achieve the right stage lighting and effects. Really students now are more active in arts, music and other extracurricular activities than in our time. Maybe technology contributes a lot as well.


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