Farewell Tita Cory!

>> Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I just spent my whole morning and early afternoon watching Madame Cory’s farewell to nation. I’m not the cry baby in watching movies and TV shows but this time the tears just keep on falling as I listen to speeches and messages of Ms. Cory’s family. I’ve been a follower of President Cory from the day I knew her when Ninoy died until now. A follower in the sense that I really appreciate her kind ways and intelligent words derived from her ultimate sense of love for the country and her unwavering faith to God. She’s simply fascinating as coming from a very wealthy family she exudes an aura of being elegantly simple in every way she moves and handles things, yet she’s strong in handling problems with God as her refuge and strength during the most trying times in her presidency.

I was a student in one of the state university and was very aware of what’s happening in our country when the edsa revolution took place. It was a very historical moment then and from our country’s history you wouldn’t believe the turn of events that happened then. It was a moment that people seems to unite whatever their status in life are. My Mom wouldn’t let me go there of course even if I have some groups to accompany with, I was very young then and I just content myself watching the revolution in television. Now that’s history and no revolution can surpass that one even though they will repeat it.

When her term finally ended I was able to land a job in a company which was luckily given her farewell projects and that’s the flyover projects which gave the company a great break. I served the company for more than a decade and until now we were so happy to be part of her projects. Although her term ended she still managed to be a great source of strength for people who need her especially the leaders that followed after her. She continued her mission and has been a constant source of advices for some leaders. Now that I’ve heard what her family has to say about her I was right in thinking that she’s really a gift to Filipino people and she died with golden memories of her unselfish love to our country, Filipino people and to her family.

Thank you Madame Pres. Cory, you’ll always be in the heart of every Filipino people. You made us proud to be Filipino!

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