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>> Monday, January 28, 2013

Many people dedicate all their time and effort to their jobs and spend more hours in their work than in their home. This is most likely with men especially those working in mall stores because they usually go home later than those working in offices. I know this because DH worked for 19 years in a known appliance store and most of his branch assignments were inside the malls. They usually stay until the closing of the mall and if there’s a mall wide sale they close at midnight. 

It was hard for us because he always comes home late and he’s always tired from over time. In this kind of work it’s usual that an employee gets sick because working for more than 8 hours for 6 days a week is not healthy anymore. Due to this kind of tiring schedule he began to feel sick and we decided that he leave his work before he became weaker and unhealthy. Even if he becomes sick they wouldn’t let him take a rest day except on real emergency cases. Since I find it abnormal to work like that we decided that he leave his work to continue studying and at the same time keep his body healthy. 

Well if you’re a worker or employee you’re entitled to worker’s compensation if you have endured work-related injury or incurred sickness while at the work place. You should get Workers Compensation Lawyer Southfield Michigan to seek compensation for your ordeal and loss wages. Getting sickness and injured within the time that you’re in work entitles you to workers benefit covered for the time period you’re at work. 

With the help of legal experts you can consult your case with them if your employer tends to dismiss your claims. They will examine your claim meticulously and consult the experts to know all the technical aspects of the injury. Workers Compensation Lawyer Southfield Michigan  represents the worker rights and offers the optimal legal service to expedite the movement of the case. They will not simply give in to negotiation if it’s not justifiable. They will make sure that you’ll be able to seek fair justice and get all your claims.


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