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>> Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I posted on my other blog a picture of my little boy when he’s barely two years old and we joked him about it. We asked him if it’s his little brother and he answered that it’s him when he’s still fairer because now he’s getting darker because of too much playing around the compound. Since yesterday I coax him into sleeping in the afternoon instead of playing as he can play after the intense afternoon heat is over. At first I will make him sit beside me and tell him stories that I know he would like hearing and when he’s into my bait I will make him sleep. When we were having breakfast with hubby he told us that it would be fun if he has a little brother so he has someone to play with when her sisters are in the school. Josh is already schooling but his school hours are limited to two hours only and he misses his sisters when he gets home. When I have no rush with my tasks we go to a small shopping malls a few kilometers away and just go around there, shop and eat.

When Josh talks about having a little brother I remember how exciting, fun and at the same time hard to be pregnant. I was a working Mom then so I can’t give in to the usual siesta sleeping in the afternoon. What I like when I’m pregnant are the pretty maternity clothes my husband is buying for me. He really makes time to help me choose my clothes because I do need it for my office clothes. Unlike stay-at-home Moms I have to look formal enough even when pregnant though at times it’s fine to be casual. Choosing the right color and style was an exciting task because there are several maternity dresses that’s good for specific occasions and usage. The only thing that I have to remind myself is style, comfort and fit for working. All maternity clothes I have are dresses and all are comfortable enough to work and travel.

When I’m surfing around I get to see good sites for maternity lines for women. Most are offering maternity clothing like the Apple Seed Boutique which offers stylish and chic maternity clothes for fashionable Mom and children’s clothing. They also have gifts for mom and baby, diaper bags, organic skincare and many more. Visit the boutique and see their stylish maternity lines.


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