Devoting Time to My Children

>> Thursday, August 13, 2009

Since I’ve resigned from my work almost a month ago I’ve devoted my time to my family especially attending to my kids’ school activities. Lucky that the time I was permitted by my boss with my resignation the activities in my daughters’ school began to multiply. Now it’s occupying most of my time that sometimes my online work gets noticed and done at night. I was happy with my life’s pattern now and can honestly say giving not only quality time to my kids but quantity as well. School time gets the most time of my kids so I visit them on lunch breaks every other day to assist them in any way I can. As this is the first periodical period in primary school they have plenty of projects to finish and parents should help them in some projects that need online research.

I can see that Gen and Ruth became more dedicated in their academic and extra curricular activities owing to the fact that I’m always there for them whatever and whenever. I’ve always been this way but hours spent in my office works deprived me from other assistance they need. Now they know I’m just working at home and they feel confident that I’m only a phone call away just in case they need something. Children love being pampered most of the times. They also liked it when parents provide them with all the things they need.

Actually it’s also a privilege to us parents to provide them with school supplies, shoes, bags and everything they need. Sometimes if we can’t do the shopping outside because of busy schedule we can do our shopping online. There are online stores like who can provide busy moms with kids’ essentials like School Backpacks and other items for our dearest children. Shopping there can save you time and effort compared to shopping in malls. I’ve checked the site and found that there are many available styles and designs to fit my children’s requirements with brands that spell durability and quality.


:Thursday Challenge - Rare

Rare Coins

My entry for this week's theme are some of my collection of old coins which for me are rare these days as these coins were replaced by many generation of silver coins. These coins were made in early '70s and my collection dates from 1972 to 1974. These coins are very different with the latest coins as it has money value. I've learned from one of my former office mate that in their place these coins were bought at P600 and up. Actually they sell some of their collections. When I was still in primary and secondary schooling it's my hobby to collect stamps and old coins. These One-Peso coins are my favorites as it has a deep engraved face of Jose Rizal's, Philippine National Hero. You can gauge from the picture that it's really rare, just see how old it is.

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