Top 5 Most Popular Vehicles in the U.S

>> Thursday, November 8, 2012

Every year, new models of automobiles from top car manufacturers make their debut into the market and so at the beginning and in the middle of the year, car collectors and car buyers find themselves reviewing all the top names so that they will be able to make a better decision when actually buying one. Choice these days isn’t easy to say the least; in fact, the diversity of luxury cars, family sedans, off-road vehicles, fuel-efficient SUVs, and of course the green automobiles makes the selection all the more difficult to make. 

To help you out, we have compiled a list of 5 most popular cars of 2012 in the US. The list has been created after carefully analysing the sales figures of the following cars, but that is not all. These top cars have also been rated as the best according to consumer rating which means that consumers who have had the chance to buy these beautiful cars were more than satisfied with their choices. 

1.       Toyota Camry 2012, has exceeded all expectations and is now the most popular car of 2012 in America. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise because Toyota Camry has always been rated as the bestselling car of the US since 1997. The sales did go down a bit after that horrible tsunami in Japan, but the seventh generation of this gorgeously built car has more than bounced back on sales making it our top contender.

2.       Our second position goes to none other than Honda Civic 2012, another stylishly built Japanese sedan. Honda has always succeeded in delivering a car that is loved by the average consumer – a car that doesn’t lack the modern aerodynamics from the outside and also manages to give a feel of luxury and elegance inside while staying within a price that is cost-friendly to most families. The 2012 Honda Civic is no different and that is what takes it to the second place.

3.       Its back again to Toyota in third place; and this time it is the much talked about and heard about Toyota Corolla. The Toyota Corolla might not seem as an exciting car from the outside; but it always has and always will be one of the most dependable and comfortable cars and that is something that almost half of the consumers are searching for; a car that is sturdy and strong and which has good value in the market.

4.    Seems like Déjà vu because Honda is back once again in our list but with an Accord this time. And although the Accord might not get full points for its look, it certainly has enviable ratings for safety, performance and quality; these are the aspects which matter more when you go out to buy a car.

5.     Nissan Altima ranks at number 5 of our list because of its popularity amongst other mid-size cars in America that can deliver performance while offering safety and other cool features.

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