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>> Friday, March 26, 2010

This is the cassava cake we ate at the recent 50 years golden anniversary of our high school. We decided to have a potluck because it's easier to bring different foods. We emailed each planned food so there will be no duplication. Bes JennyL and me decided to share on Lumpiang Shang-hai. On that evening our batch looked like we're in a birthday party with balloons and cheers. One of our classmates brought this very special cassava cake which is delicious. So delicious that we brought home some of this :-)

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Low Maintenance Condo Living

We’re living in an old Spanish house renovated and converted in the late ‘70’s to a more modern style of house. It was a well-built house with strong foundation that can accommodate 4 floors. We certainly love our house as our father designed and supervised its construction. Some of our furniture is old but they’re my father’s creation when he studied carpentry before he got married. I used to refer to him as jack of all trades because he knows a lot of work even if he took up Law course. He’s a businessman, municipal secretary, tailor, carpenter, speech writer and many more. He’s also a good father and husband but he left this world 12 years ago and all we have are his memories and some of his things around the house, that’s why we love our home more.

Sometimes the maintenance of a very big house is taking its toll on us as we can’t cope up with changing paints, renewing the walls and some other things that need restoration every now and then. When my sister and I were talking and having chit-chat we joked about buying a condo to enjoy a smaller space and with minimal maintenance. I happen to browse lofts Petersburg va and read about the transformation they did in the luggage factory offices into a three-storey townhouses. The effect gave the structure a historical look.

For those who want to live in the ambience of historical buildings yet have the convenience of modern living they might as well visit Petersburg va rental properties and look in their townhouses and single-level condominiums. You will certainly enjoy the neighborhood where you can have a glimpse of beautiful galleries and stores that offers antique appliances. You can visit Petersburg vA condominiums and start imagining life in historical urban kind of community while enjoying the free-spirited style of living with minimal maintenance of having condominium unit. You can actually visit them anytime by appointment or just dropped by there on Sundays. Rest assured that they will give you a very competitive price.


The Need for Customized Closets

My brother is so busy now with his new residential construction projects that he sometimes forgot some other important things. He’s so occupied with his work that you always shave to remind things for him. Well with regards to his job it’s the complete opposite as he remembers everything needed for his residential and building projects. Right now he needs someone who will do the custom closets for his project just like the closets Richmond I found while browsing. To get their service all you need is to consult your desired design which will be tailored made to your specific requirements.

Consultation is free and upon agreement the Closet Factory will do customized closet design, manufacture and install them to your home by one of their professional staff who will ensure that all installation will just be perfect and neat. They can also do customized storage to any part of your house like garage, pantry, and home office and to any part of your house that needs closets that will organize your things. Customized closets are a big help in arranging and organizing things which reminds me that I also need one because some of my important documents need to be stored in a safe closet.


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