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>> Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our company is into telecommunications services, VOIP, prepaid cards, unlimited calling platforms and service contracts. Since we’re a pioneering company we don’t have much marketing to boost our company’s good services. The sales and marketing team are thinking of ways to increase our sales. We came upon online the use digital signage to boost sales and profits but we still have to do some feasibility if we can improve our business with this new innovation.


Chips Delight at Galinco Land

Do your kids love chips delight? Well if you love chocolate chips cookies and you don't want to spend a lot you should try Chips Delight, crunchy, delicious and affordable too! Well we had a chance to have a preview and learn the process of doing this yummy cookies when my kids had a field trip last Nov. 22.

Parents were not allowed to enter the factory but the teachers told me to replace them so I can also watch over my kids especially Josh. They only allowed 3 guardians to go with the kids and that's only for the purpose of ensuring that the kids will be properly watched and protected from any accident.

As I've watched the demo of how they mix and cook cookies I'll share some here. The process was summarized in five steps and here in the picture you can see how they taught the kids with the use of Galinco land picture. The steps are :
First - Mr. Germ Army for sanitation
Second - Magic Dough - for mixing the ingredients
Third - Mr. Vulcan where the dough mixture will be baked
Fourth - Windy Valley where thousands of baked chips delight were being inspected and aired Fifth/Last - Mr Wrapper where the cookies will be wrapped ready for delivery and selling


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