Importance of Writing Things Down

>> Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When you’re working in an office or even at home you have to be organized in some ways. I’m not telling you to become a machine or a computer but to become more orderly in your daily living and activities. One way of being organized is to write things down.

When I was still working in office my staff would comment on my writing every important detail that should be noted and remembered. I was known to have a photographic memory since I was in my primarily school but I still write things down because I want my mind to be free of clutter. It helps me to accommodate more things in my mind if I noted everything down in my notebook.

Everyday of my working life I would write the date and the things to do for the day and take note of the callers, billing due dates, clients to email and followup collection, important dates to remember and the special notes for my boss. Being an officer in the company with many tasks assigned I wouldn’t be able to handle it all if my mind is cluttered and the notes that I wrote helped me in many ways. If there’s something amiss in our works and we need previous information I can look back with the help of my notes. My boss knows it and sometimes he referred to it on critical moments.

You don’t need an elaborate system. Anything that comes up that you may need for future situation just write it down. Don’t worry about grouping the tasks you’ve written there. Just do all the recording and you’ll soon be thankful in the future that you have organized yourself in the habit of writing things down.

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Part of Growing Up

I’m chatting with my friend and she asked me about her teenage daughter’s skin problems I told her to consult dermatologist or if she has time she can visit so she’ll know the best treatment for her daughter’s acne problems. She can ask her doctor if the treatments are safe and guaranteed to give good results.

I was thinking that maybe after few years I would be asking the same question as my eldest daughter will soon be entering teenage years and it’s one of the normal problems of the kids in their adolescence period. It’s part of growing up. I was lucky not to encounter too much of pimple problems as I had it once or twice only unlike others who had to consult skin doctor to get rid of those acne and pimples.


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