Entering Teenage Years

>> Monday, March 22, 2010

It’s going to be few days more and classes will end before the holy week holidays. Ruth will be having her practices for graduation even after their regular classes is over. As she nears her graduation I can’t stop myself thinking how she’ll be handling her teenage years in this coming school year. I’m glad I’m just here by her side if she encounters common teen problems like peer pressure, academic ordeals, major changes in her physical features and a lot more. I think she will sometimes encounter some skin or pimple problems but not severe cystic acne because I didn’t suffered any problem like that when I was young in my teens.

Anyway if ever she encounters it I’ll advise and help her to treat it and prevent it from happening again. I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable with the effects of acne because I’ve seen some friends in my school days got inferiority complex because of acne occurrence in their faces. It damage self-esteem and confidence in young ladies so I’d better be on the checkout on my dear daughter so she’ll grow up without insecurities that will affect her personality.


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