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>> Monday, February 21, 2011

My SIL took up nursing but didn’t finish the course due to personal reasons but now she wants to go back to college. She’s just apprehensive about schedule as she’s going to work also while studying. I was thinking if bsn online will be able to help her get schedule on the right track. It’s also very convenient to do things online. I know this because my work is also online and it helps me do two responsibilities at one time. I can work and earn while taking care of my family. I’m just not sure if SIL is fit for online studies because some people prefer studying in the normal and traditional way. Online studies have its pros and cons and it depends on the discipline of the student.


Ruth's Collage

This is my eldest daughter's collage in school, a representation of her goals in life, ambition and all the things she want to accomplish. She loves cooking, photography and arts. She's good in drawing and sketching. This is only a project where they must express their thoughts on how they see themselves after 10 years.  Look at the picture at the bottom left, yes she also want to be involved in charity works like helping the victims of natural disaster or feeding malnourished kids.  Young as she was her mind is set already on the things that she wants to be when she grows old.  She's only 13 now and in first year high.  I hope and pray that all these wishes will come true. I'll just be here to guide her.


Controlling My Sweet Cravings

I’ve cooked desserts and bought stocks of favorite bread of the family. Now I’m having difficulty in ignoring what I cooked because I love them all. I need to discipline myself or I’m going to find some appetite suppressants over the counter to control myself from indulging into eating those. I’m glad that I also bought various fruits so now instead of taking those sweet foods I turned to the fruits to bring back my taste for natural foods. It’s really hard to plan on dieting when you’re the cook because it’s either you give in to temptation or the family will be deprived of delicious foods lol!


Favorite Board Game

Gen is so fond of playing chess and this fondness turned to real sport as she joined in the inter-school competition with three other classmates representing their school.  She's good at it but she needs more training.  She won three games and lost 2 and that's enough to make her happy.  This summer she promised that she’ll play more to learn the best techniques of the games.  I’ll buy other board games for them this summer especially scrabble and word factory for enhancement of vocabulary words.


Jewelries for the Girls

I’m not that fond of jewelry or I like to collect but I don’t want wearing them always. I only wear my wedding ring and that’s it. I’m comfortable with just one or two on my body especially when I’m travelling alone. Now I’m thinking of going to the store where DH and I bought our wedding ring and the necklace he gave me before the wedding. I want to buy some jewelry for my girls. I browsed some pretty promise rings online and I’m inspired to buy those for the girls. They’re on their early teens and in few years’ time I will be able to entrust the rings to them. I love their designs and I’m sure those will look good on them and hope they will like it also. Teens are changing as months go by as they’re starting to leave their girlish preferences for the things they love.



No man is an island. Most of the times you need other people to live and be happy. This is so true when you're working. There are works that you can do by yourself but there are projects that need the cooperation of the whole team to accomplish it fully. The word teamwork means each individual or member of the team has their respective responsibilities and duties in reaching their goals. In order to finish the work everyone should make their contributions.


Reliving my Sports Activities

I love sports since I was a primary schooler and up to when I was working. I joined volleyball team when I was employed in one of the bureaus in government. Then I switched to bowling when I can’t find the time to look for players who would play with me. Bowling is easier because you don’t have to form a group. It was actually initiated by my employer who created a friendly game competition for all his main office and project employees.

It was one of the best years for me there because he really cared for his employees to enjoy playing bowling, get to know co-employees who were assigned in different places, make friends and maybe solve the problem of his fat employees. I was single then and very slim so the only thing I want then is to practice my bowling skills. When being asked by some of my office friends how to lose belly fat fast I told them to indulge in sports and they’ll get what they want.


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