Achieve Success through An Organizational Leadership Master’s Degree

>> Friday, November 30, 2012

Some people are born to be leaders while others developed their leadership skills through constant learning and experience. It takes a good leader to run a successful company and employees with a leadership attitude are also a great asset for any business. A strong organization is also based on strong leadership. Professionals with a degree in human resources and management have the capability of directing employees onto the right path towards the company’s success.

If you are already working in this field and experience has taught you how to become a leader then you might want to consider getting an organizational leadership masters degree. Pursuing a master’s degree can change the entire course of your career and open the doors of opportunity. As the term implies, the program is designed to provide individuals with the proper training and knowledge on how to become effective managers, administrators and key players that formulate procedures and strategies for the development of the company.

Students are not only supplied with learning materials but also proper training in different situations wherein they can practice their leadership potential. The responsibilities of an organizational leader is not only limited to hiring employees and evaluating them; they should also be capable of determining the potential in each employee and come up with techniques on how the organization can maximize these potentials to their advantage. Although much of a leader’s qualities may be innate, enrolling in a graduate school program will serve as a way to strengthen these traits and further enhance them.

A leader should possess not only managerial but interpersonal skills as well. A great part of the job involves dealing with people, addressing their issues and coming up with solutions that are beneficial to the company and its employees. Graduate students are also expected to learn the aspects involved in managing a company such as finance, sales, advertising and marketing. Any part of the operation that involves dealing with employees is the responsibility of an organizational leader.

The success in this field does not merely rely on the individual’s capacity to resolve issues but also in their determination to constantly seek improvement in the field of organizational behavior. With the differences in race, age, culture and other factors, the diversity in a workplace is a challenge for any graduate of this master’s program. It is necessary to come up with training programs that will improve the dynamics in the work environment to prevent any conflicts and increase the employees’ productivity.

If you are considering enrolling in a graduate program like this, make sure to check the qualifications and requirements needed for admission before applying.

Michelle Jones is a content writer for a website that provides information about educational programs such as masters in human resources.


Preventing Viruses in Work Environment

>> Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Since my work always include using computer for my job responsibilities it is important for me to care and maintain my pc for whatever virus or malfunction it would encounter. It’s hard to use a slow and infected computer in your work because it will definitely affect your efficiency as well. I’m actually on the search now for a reliable software that will free all our computers from virus attacks. It’s not surprising nowadays if your computer is infected because it easily spreads if you have a network that passes not only needed files but the viruses as well. 

The same incident happened to our office and we find it hard to eradicate viruses completely because it’s already in our network. Some laptops were already reformatted but the viruses keep coming back to them. Now I’m looking into this virus scanner at where they diagnose viruses for cleaning up. They have different softwares for specific requirements in maintaining your computer virus free like system mechanic, system shield, search and recover and a lot more. It’s normal for computers to slowly degrade upon months and years of usage but we should care and maintain to maximize pc usage.


Understanding the Service of Process

>> Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Recognizing legal procedures is important to prevent embarrassment and the nightmare of experiencing arrest. I’ve learned it through witnessing a fearful experience of my office friend. She was employed for more than a year in the company and no one would ever thought that she left a theft case in her previous job. Background and credit investigation were obviously neglected when they hired her and when she first entered the company thus our complete surprise with the arresting that happened exactly on our office in the middle of working hours. 

We were told by the CIDG officers that arrested her in the office that summons and notices of court hearings were sent to her house but apparently she didn’t received it because she transferred home location. Failure to receive the summons didn’t exempt her for the sudden arrest as she moved unto different location without notification knowing that there’s a case filed to her. She knew all along of the theft and she ignored it let alone the summons that keep coming to her old home location. 

She was being searched for after the numerous summon has returned to the sender and were not actually received by her. Hearing schedules were not attended and she was hunted by the legal authorities for supposed negligence of her case. In cases like that warrant of arrest will be issued and served upon seeing her wherever she’s located. 

That’s the purpose of issuing service of process where it is defined as any legal papers sent to a person that needs to be responded within limited hours required. The legal papers can be a writ or a summons as what I’ve mentioned or a legal document. The summons will be sent when someone has filed a suit against a person. It’s the formal notice of a company or individual to the person being sued. It normally goes from a small case like a speeding ticket or a large lawsuit of varied cases where it involves three methods by which it can take place like personal service, substitute service or publication service. 

Every place or state differs slightly in their procedures like  Service of Process California is a bit different from that of Pennsylvania or other states. In California the person who will do the job of server should get a license first of California Process Servers where you need a $2,000 bond or cash deposit, over 18 years of age, resident of the said state for one year and definitely not a part of any lawsuit case. There’s no degree required and no test or examination to be taken. So if you received a service process the best step is not to ignore or run from it but to consult to an attorney who can help you with professional legal advice.


Event Planners Can Make Things Easier With These Tips

>> Monday, November 26, 2012

If you are an event planner, then you have your hands full. You are the one person that has to make sure that everything will fall into place for the event. It can be a tough job that requires a lot of multitasking, but it can also be an extremely fun job too. 

There are several things that you can use to your advantage, and one of them is a speakers bureau. In order for your event to be a great event that everyone will remember, you are going to need to hire a good public speaker to go with the general theme of your event. Trying to do this on your own is next to impossible. This is where a bureau really makes things a lot easier for you to get the job done. Instead of spending all of your time trying to locate a good speaker, you could just put a phone call into the bureau of your choice and let them do all of the work for you.

They will want to know what type of event that you need the speaker for. They will ask you some basic questions that will help them identify and locate the right type of speaker for your event. If your event calls for a motivational type speaker, then the bureau will be able to help you by referring several great motivational keynote speakers.

You will still have full control over deciding which speaker to choose from. The bureau will just help you find exactly what you are looking for. This frees up so much of your time so that you can get busy organizing the rest of the event. You will need every free minute that you can muster because organizing a large event is going to require a lot of work on your part.


Back Pains Due to Prolonged Sitting at Work

>> Friday, November 23, 2012

My office mate has been complaining of severe back pain and she told me that she’s experiencing it for few months already. When she cannot bear the pain anymore she consulted her doctor and undergone MRI scan to fully know where the pain is coming from. She learned that she has a mild slip disc and it can be treated through specific back therapy. I’m glad that it’s not herniated bulging disc because if it was she will have to go through surgery to ease the pain she’s experiencing. Anyway after 10 sessions of weekly therapy she’s back to normal and though she’s experiencing light pains sometimes she brushed it off as normal. 

 I also experienced such back pains but I have hesitations for MRI and therapies because it only happens to me when I’m over fatigue and tired. My work demands me to work long in front of the computer and I can’t help it sometimes to sit in a slouch position. I also had 10 weekly sessions of therapy with my Mom and it done me good. I’m glad that I didn’t have to see my doctor about it. Prayers help a lot you know.


Topics During Work Breaks

At work when we’re on lunch break we usually spends sometime talking our family. We laugh at the antics of our small kids and sometimes shows videos of them. Of course my stories of my own children is never left out as I always talk about their flair for music and in playing various musical instruments. I even told them that if there’s an instructor on Marimba playing maybe my kids will ask me to hire that music tutor. 

I mentioned it because last week my little boy is asking me about those Mike Balter Marimba Mallets he saw while researching for his assignment. From the look on his eyes I can see that he’s very determined to know what it is. I showed him various kinds of mallets and he became more interested how to play Marimba. Oh well I didn’t how to play it either so I’m hoping that his curiosity will die down and he’ll be back with his drum set wish.


Importance of Marketing Research in Business

>> Thursday, November 22, 2012

In business it is of prime importance to employ people with professional skills and expertise in their field of work. It can help the business flourish if you have key personnel that will contribute their knowledge in bringing up the company’s success. Although all employees are part of it I know that those involved in advertising and marketing should be responsible and smart enough to come up with ideas and strategies in promoting products and services. 

Before they can think of ways on how to advertise the products they should know basic information that will help their plans. Feasibility studies should be done to come up with insights on the probability of running the business. Every possible way should be tried and marketing research  must be done to ensure that business’ goal is on the right track. Basic marketing research should be able to know the interest of your prospective clients, the pricing package that will hit the market, the needs and requirements of consuming public and some other things that will satisfy the customers. 

 In view of all these things qualtrics marketing research  provides a way into reaching the full potential of research. They offer Basic Marketing Research Volume 1: Designing Your Study which will give you tips and know how on how to do marketing research to your full advantage. They also provide research tips every week to your inbox email so you can benefit from it. Information gathered from research would help the business reached its success.


Wondershare PDF to PPT Converter

As my work demands knowledge in various computer softwares I always have to update myself into learning new or updated version of what I’m using. I have to be always online because communication between colleagues, clients and suppliers are made through emails. In my everyday work I appreciate that there are computer softwares that makes sharing of files possible without the fear of the recipient changing the file. In my work it’s of vital importance that original files should be protected from anyone who will try to change some information on my confidential files. 

When I send and receive emails especially when it’s coming from our suppliers in Israel and other Asian countries it’s usually in the form of Portable Document Format or PDF which I can access through Adobe Reader. It’s now an open standard for electronic document exchange as per ISO and users can easily convert their graphics, documents, forms and web pages to portable document format without changing the look of the documents or graphics when printed. It’s also easy to share because any one can read it through Adobe Reader software which is easily downloadable if you don;t have it. 
Thus PDF is reliable and very functional but in my work where we need to present demo in slide shows I find the need to Convert PDF to PowerPoint for presentation purposes. I’m glad to learn that it’s possible through Wondershare PDF to Powerpoint Converter which converts PDF text, documents, graphics, tables and layout to PPT slides easily and free from errors retaining the original quality of the files. This is very important as it would create hassle in demos if we will not be able to come up with the quality graphics needed to present to clients. 

 Using Wondershare PDF to PowerPoint Converter would be able to solve certain problems with the requirements of using PDF files to other software which is not possible before. It will be more flexible for other usage concerning PDF files. When it comes to maximizing processing of conversion this converter can convert batches of PDF files into Powerpoint so users can benefit from it in terms of time savings which is very important when you have deadlines. 

With the use of PDF to PowerPoint converter users can now do anything they want when they have the need to present portable document format files into whatever they want. There will be no restrictions into sharing files and information as converter would solve the need for using all needed files for slide show demos or presentation.


Closet Turned Into Office

>> Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another beautiful makeover of closet turned into an office.  I like how they've done a slight corner for the computer and the chair then putting a small sofa on the right side for a visitor to sit on or when you suddenly feel like resting.  I always find a need to have something to rest when I'm tired working in front of the computer.  Well I can't do it when I'm in the office so it's best when I'm working at  home.  

This concept is perfect for making your home office and maximizing every space in your house to fit in new additions.  I might use this concept when I decide to work at home full time in the next few months.  God willing my husband and I will find ways on how to increase our family income so I can leave my office work.  Been praying for it for months now.


Work Amenities and Building Restrictions

>> Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our office is located in one of the corporate buildings in business district area and we were lucky to be near needed centers and amenities. When it comes to food we have a floor dedicated to serving the people with a fast food restaurant-like setup just like when you eat in the mall. Just outside the building you’ll see chains of fanous fast food restaurants side by side giving easy access when employees want to eat. 

Few meters away are big shopping centers and malls where you can buy anything you want for personal and office needs from supplies to furniture and appliances. When it comes to required government entities where offices should pay premium contributions we only need to travel for around 10 minutes so it’s less hassle when you’re trying to beat submission deadline including those of BIR and other government agencies. 

Our place of work is just the right for us especially that the building administration team is very accommodating with tenants and employees. Of course it’s strict when it comes to some rules like no parking at the front lobby and no smoking inside the premises. Those who want to have their cigars from Famous Smoke Shop would have to go outside of the side entrance to consume it because it’s not allowed anywhere inside the building. I always see them hanging out together smoking when I return from buying food at the fast food restaurants. They really can’t pass the chance to do it even if they’re busy at work.


Stay or Transfer?

>> Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'm getting a little bit stressed about the decision that my employer will make about our renewal or termination of our office rental in PSEC. As our contract will expire this December we need to say our intent to the owner of the unit. Well it's not a problem really as I'm just apprehensive where we'll transfer when we left our Ortigas Center office. Our sister company has transferred to Makati early this year and I was thinking if he has plans of finding an office location for us in the same place. It would be too far from my home and it will also be costly compared to our present location. Hmmm too much thinking I guess would do me no good. I'll just wait for my boss' decision.


Online Flowers for all Occasion

>> Friday, November 16, 2012

Flower shop business seems to flourish these days as I’ve seen many enterpreneurs starting up their own business for selling flowers. It’s a lucrative business if you know the ins and out and if your location is near target customers. People needs flowers on many occasions like wedding, engagement, birthdays, anniversaries and courting. It can make your sick friend smile and can help in making a person know that he’s important and well loved by his family and friends. 

Now that we see the importance of flowers in our life we should give out flowers to our loved ones like Mom and special friends in life. We shouldn’t miss an opportunity to give special flowers when an occasion occurs as your thoughtfulness will be highly appreciated. Women from all walks of life love flowers and for them receiving it on special occasions is such a wonderful thing. Men should know these things and should exert extra effort in taking the time to buy flowers. 
Well if buying flowers would be a problem as to choosing and selecting from various kinds . you can also order online for more convenient and most comfortable flower shopping just like what others are doing now. You can search, compare price and order flowers right in the convenience of your home. Suppliers like  Bakersfield florist can give you choices depending on the occasion and the kind you want to give them. 

You can choose from variety of flowers like roses, chrysanthemum, daisies or any other flowers of your choice arranged beautifully in assortment of kinds and colors. For arranged flowers you can pick from bouquet or packages priced within your budget. For inquiries on all of these you can  contact Log Cabin Florist for their list of products or flower packages that might attract your attention. Anyway they also provide quotable sentiments ready when your order is submitted.


My Bestfriend's Birthday

No work for today,  I've exchanged my Thursday rest day for this day as it's Jenny's birthday.  She's finally reached her middle 40s and I will be too next week.  Our birthdays always falls on the same day so it's going to be a Friday also on my birthday.  It's my 33rd times of greeting her as we're together since we're 13 years old when we're in our sophomore years in high school.  I've attended her simple birthday feast with my 3 kids and she's glad that I'm available even if it's a work week. 

Time flies so fast and we're even surprised that we've crossed more than three decades of friendship spent laughing, chatting, crying, sometimes shopping, eating in restos, having reunion with our high school friends, outing, bonding and a lot more things. This page is not enough to tell all the things that made us happy together in the past.  Those are small simple things that only friends can appreciate.  She even slept in our house when we were attending parties in our younger days.  On the night before my wedding we're all together- she, my sister and I  for my last day with them as single.  She's like a sister to me and I can't ask for a better friend than her.  She's simply the best.  Happy birthday Bes!


Way to Find Solutions to Urgent Financial Needs

No matter how we smartly budget our regular income there will come a time that you’ll need extra money to pay for some unexpected expenses. These immediate financial needs may come anytime before or after your payroll so you will not be able to include it in your usual budget. Most common urgent cash needs evolve from home repairs, car trouble, hospitalization and some other emergencies in our life.

When it’s not our payday we find it hard to get money for it that we need to borrow money from our relatives, friends or work mates. If those people are not capable of giving you financial assistance you may need to get it from companies that offer loans. 

Since most of the loans require so many documents and long processing time your immediate need would not be answered so it’s better to get loans that will not require too much time to process like payday loans canada child tax which seems to be the perfect solution in hard financial situations. It will not require credit check so you will not worry about credit score or bad credit record.

You will only need to be employed and have a bank account and you will be approved within hours from your online application. Just remember that this incur higher interest rate and will have to be paid in shorter terms usually on your next paycheck.


Motivation and Inspiration at Work

Source: via Race on Pinterest

When you’re at work you need not just perseverance in doing all your jobs but motivations as well.  When we talk about it you need the right amount of eagerness and interest in your work because it’s like a fire that keeps the wood burning.  If  you lost the interest in anything that you do it’s the start of hating or disliking your work and you’ll start to resent everything about it. 

Inspiration gives us reason to continue with every day’s work with a goal and pursuit for perfection and you must have it to make your daily hard work bearable.  Of course passion will contribute a great deal as it will set your work interest to maximize your full potential.


Promotional Products and Corporate Giveaways

>> Saturday, November 10, 2012

A company needs a good marketing strategy in order to promote their products and services. This is very important especially for starting up companies who needs to make their products known to target clients. Since I joined a pioneering company that sells telecommunication equipment I was involved in our plan to think of ways on how we can market and advertise our products. Some of our Telco partners suggested that we join trade show exhibits so people can see what we have to offer and we did last summer.

We put up a nice booth on the said trade show with our best products like gateway equipment, network attached storage and ip pbx all-in-one office solution on exhibits. It was a nice experience and exposure for us and we also saw other innovative products which run from technology products, electronic appliances, furniture, internet solutions, copying machines, computers, corporate giveaways and a lot more. 

It was a two-day exhibit affair and we had a lot of interested customers to whom we explained the usage and value of our products. Our Israeli supplier happened to visit us at that time and he dropped by to join and see how our products are promoted. I was in-charge of our corporate giveaways and freebies and I’ve searched for online suppliers who can give us competitive price and fast delivery time.

I was given choices of custom coffee mugs, pens, key chains, umbrellas and some other products that can be given to our prospective clients. We’ve ordered a lot to avail of their pricing matrix and until now we’ve got more than half of what we’ve ordered. We actually envisioned future uses for the giveaways so it’s alright to have them in bulk. 

Now that holiday season is coming near I don’t have to order too many freebies because our stocks will do for our giveaways. Well if you’re thinking of promotional products or corporate giveaways that will surely help you advertise your products you can search for more depending on your requirements and needs. You can find plenty of suggestions like lunch bags, sanitizers, usb flash drives, shirts, tumblers, sunglasses, calendars, tote bags and more. Visit them online and get ready for the holidays.


Getting a Power Nap from Work

Source: via Race on Pinterest

Do you find it hard to sleep in the middle the night when you're doing multiple tasks?  Well I've experienced this when I was included in the technical proposal team that stays overtime and overnight for three consecutive days with only 1-2 hours sleep at dawn.  I had a bad sleeping habit that if I want to sneak a sleep I couldn't do so because I always find it hard to get it in the middle of pile of works. 

Now this will help people like me as when you put your head into it you'll surely be apart from others.  It's an ostrich pillow patterned after the ostrich's way of burying their heads into the sand when they're frightened or scared.  Well this one will help you to have a power nap without leaving your work, chair and table. Then after the much-needed nap you can get on to your work as easy as removing your head from the pillow.  Will try this one!


Legal Help on Family-Related Cases

>> Friday, November 9, 2012

As family is very important in our life we should make an effort to keep ourselves together in harmonious relationship because no one will ever love you enough no matter what but your family. This is the reason why I always felt sad whenever I hear family members fighting each other or couples falling out of love which results in annulment or divorce. Some people tried to salvage marriage because of kids but others find it easier to separate peacefully than be together and arguing over things. 

Well if you’ve experienced situations like this you can’t help but think how good it will be if parents will stick with each other and be together for the longest time possible. For others who want to separate their lives they should consult professional lawyers like Family Lawyer Wayne, NJ  to make separation easier and without so many problems. Family-related legal cases can be so hurting at times going to the details and legalities which in the process can cause stress. 

Family Lawyer Wayne, NJ offers professional legal services to legal situations arising from family-related situations. They will strive hard in working out your case; help you further in moving forward and starting a new life. They’re also into solving and assisting cases pertaining to real-estate, criminals, divorce and accidents. Just visit them for consultation and advice.


Top 5 Most Popular Vehicles in the U.S

>> Thursday, November 8, 2012

Every year, new models of automobiles from top car manufacturers make their debut into the market and so at the beginning and in the middle of the year, car collectors and car buyers find themselves reviewing all the top names so that they will be able to make a better decision when actually buying one. Choice these days isn’t easy to say the least; in fact, the diversity of luxury cars, family sedans, off-road vehicles, fuel-efficient SUVs, and of course the green automobiles makes the selection all the more difficult to make. 

To help you out, we have compiled a list of 5 most popular cars of 2012 in the US. The list has been created after carefully analysing the sales figures of the following cars, but that is not all. These top cars have also been rated as the best according to consumer rating which means that consumers who have had the chance to buy these beautiful cars were more than satisfied with their choices. 

1.       Toyota Camry 2012, has exceeded all expectations and is now the most popular car of 2012 in America. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise because Toyota Camry has always been rated as the bestselling car of the US since 1997. The sales did go down a bit after that horrible tsunami in Japan, but the seventh generation of this gorgeously built car has more than bounced back on sales making it our top contender.

2.       Our second position goes to none other than Honda Civic 2012, another stylishly built Japanese sedan. Honda has always succeeded in delivering a car that is loved by the average consumer – a car that doesn’t lack the modern aerodynamics from the outside and also manages to give a feel of luxury and elegance inside while staying within a price that is cost-friendly to most families. The 2012 Honda Civic is no different and that is what takes it to the second place.

3.       Its back again to Toyota in third place; and this time it is the much talked about and heard about Toyota Corolla. The Toyota Corolla might not seem as an exciting car from the outside; but it always has and always will be one of the most dependable and comfortable cars and that is something that almost half of the consumers are searching for; a car that is sturdy and strong and which has good value in the market.

4.    Seems like Déjà vu because Honda is back once again in our list but with an Accord this time. And although the Accord might not get full points for its look, it certainly has enviable ratings for safety, performance and quality; these are the aspects which matter more when you go out to buy a car.

5.     Nissan Altima ranks at number 5 of our list because of its popularity amongst other mid-size cars in America that can deliver performance while offering safety and other cool features.

Even if you don’t have the extra cash to buy one of the newer models, you can go for auto financing. Auto financing is a type of loan that helps consumers purchase cars of newer models through affordable repayment plans.  You can visit FastLoanTree to learn more.


Motivation in Working and Writing

>> Monday, November 5, 2012

When I’m working at home I wait for my chores to finish and my body to relax after office work in order to have creative ideas in writing. Writing needs motivation and inspiration so if you’re so tired and full of other things to think of you’ll find it hard to start writing. Environment also plays an important part because it will set your mind to a good writing condition. Some of my friends would even light some scented candles like diptyque candles at to smell and somehow feel the therapeutic aroma. It is very important that your working place is conducive to working environment especially if you’re writing because it sets your mood and brings you to resourceful ideas.


Make Sure Your Computer is Healthy When You Run the PC HealthAdvisor by Pareto Logic

>> Saturday, November 3, 2012

Do you often think of what is wrong with your computer but you run your antivirus and nothing turns up? If you want your computer running back to normal, then you need to find a way to diagnose what is wrong with your PC. One way to do that is to download the PC HealthAdvisor by Pareto Logic at This program will tell you exactly what is wrong with your computer and what you can do to fix it. So if you want your PC running at top speeds like it did when you first bought it, then you need to run this program on your computer today. 

Increase Your Computer's Speed 

It is easy to get lost in the shuffle of everyday life, which makes you disregard the health of your computer. Your computer's health can go from good to terrible in one click of your mouse. Don't let this happen to you. If your computer is running slower than usual, you need to determine what is wrong with it. To do this, you need to install the PC HealthAdvisor to determine what exactly is wrong with your computer. Then you'll be able to know what steps to take to make your computer run fast again. 

Empty Out Your Junk File Folder 

A folder that is hidden and often disregarded is your temporary internet file folder. If you have never emptied this file folder before, it is one of the main causes of your computer running slower than normal. When you use the health advisor program, it'll delete your temporary internet file folder, as well as any other folders and files that are considered 'junk' files or duplicates. You will be amazed by how much faster your computer will be after these folders are emptied. 

Receive Computer Health Alerts 

You cannot possibly go through each and every file and folder on your computer to figure out where malicious threats and viruses hang out. Chances are, you won't be able to find them even if you knew what you were looking for. A way to save you a lot of time searching for malicious threats on your computer is to enable your PC health program to automatically scan for viruses and spyware. If the program finds a threat on your computer, it will notify you and ask you what action you want to take against it. 

It's important to keep your computer as healthy as possible. Your life is forever linked with technology so you need to make sure you are doing everything to keep your PC running smooth.


Portable Cup Holder at Work

>> Friday, November 2, 2012

Source: via Race on Pinterest

Just what I need when I'm working so hard on my office and online tasks- a drink lip portable cup holder to hold my coffee while I'm working.  It's a relaxing way for me to drink coffee while I'm making an article because it helps me to think and come up with creative ideas.  If others get so nervous with the effect of caffeine on their bodies well on me it's the opposite because drinking coffee relaxes my senses and brings out the creative writer in me.  

Now when I'm working I don't want a messy table because I believe that a messy table harmonize a messy mind so this portable cup holder would be such a great help to me when I want my cup of coffee.  I'm always in front of the computer in my office work and online work in my house as well.  And when I'm busy I can't leave my table just to drink my coffee so this is just so convenient and very comfortable for my way of life.  I know that a lot of work-at-home Moms and office employees would agree.


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