Back Pains Due to Prolonged Sitting at Work

>> Friday, November 23, 2012

My office mate has been complaining of severe back pain and she told me that she’s experiencing it for few months already. When she cannot bear the pain anymore she consulted her doctor and undergone MRI scan to fully know where the pain is coming from. She learned that she has a mild slip disc and it can be treated through specific back therapy. I’m glad that it’s not herniated bulging disc because if it was she will have to go through surgery to ease the pain she’s experiencing. Anyway after 10 sessions of weekly therapy she’s back to normal and though she’s experiencing light pains sometimes she brushed it off as normal. 

 I also experienced such back pains but I have hesitations for MRI and therapies because it only happens to me when I’m over fatigue and tired. My work demands me to work long in front of the computer and I can’t help it sometimes to sit in a slouch position. I also had 10 weekly sessions of therapy with my Mom and it done me good. I’m glad that I didn’t have to see my doctor about it. Prayers help a lot you know.


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