Looking Your Best While Working

>> Saturday, December 29, 2012

As I’m working regularly in an office and doing part time work blogging online I’ve noted some differences on my two different works. At home you don’t need to dress up to work as you’re in the comforts of your home and no one expects you to be in corporate clothing. In office job you need to dress up in reporting for work as companies have dress codes and it feels good when you’re dressed up well. I see to it that I’m not under dressed just in case that a meeting is needed. I was trained not to dress up so casually or in rugged clothes because I get to meet big bosses from major telecommunications company. 

One big lesson I learned when you’re a company officer is that you should expect sudden corporate meetings that will put you on an inconvenient situation if you’re not confident about the clothes that you wear. It’s just the same as when you’re working at health care institution or a hospital. You still need to look stylish even when you’re working and it’s good to know that there’s cheap dickies nursing scrubs that will make you look fashionable while at your busiest moment at work. When you feel confident about your look and your sense of fashion it will radiate in yourself and will affect your work. You’ll be inspired to work knowing that even at your tough times you still look your best.


Redecorating Your Bedroom

>> Friday, December 28, 2012

As your bedroom is your refuge from long day’s work and activities it’s a must that you keep it in good ambiance, peaceful to feel at and a good place for resting your body. If you think your room is not giving you peaceful slumber with worn out beddings and old decors it’s time to redecorate your bedroom. It’s easy if you have the right resources to get your ideas and products like ShopBedding who are able to provide all your needs to turn your simple bedroom into a beautiful place of resting. 

Shop Bedding offers a way to improve the look of your bedroom with their wide variety of bedroom products that can make your bedroom beautiful with just an addition of some accessories and decors. With a simple addition of  ruffled bedding sets and some pretty decors your bedroom will surely be nicer than your previous one as it can also enhance anything that you want hidden under your bed. 

They offer various colors so you can choose which one will best suit your bedroom color theme or you could add up new colors for a complete new look. So whatever ambiance you may have in your mind or you might want for your house you can achieve it through Shop Bedding.


Legal Help in Overland Park KS

>> Saturday, December 22, 2012

Life is hard when you are full of anxieties especially when it’s about legalities. I have a former office friend whose life was devastated when she was arrested for estafa. Her case was an old one which she didn’t expect to pursue and in a span of two years she was sued again. She was surprised with the surprise arrest that sent her to the jail. Due to lack of money she was unable to bail herself and finding a good lawyer like Criminal Lawyer Overland Park KS  was also a hard task for her. Her family was living in the province then and she was detained for a month before she got a good lawyer that helped her arranged with the company that filed a case against her. 

She was lucky that the company accepted her suggestion and the case didn’t reach full court proceedings and she paid for the money that the company asked of her. She was freed and started a new life in the province thanking her good lawyer who got her out of jail. When you are in the same dilemma and have a criminal case you should ask legal help from professional lawyers like Criminal Lawyer Overland Park KS  who has the knowledge, experience and skills to advise and help you defend your case all throughout the case proceedings. To help you get back your freedom visits them for counsel and advice.


Rooftop Tickets Wrigley Field

I’ve known and saw many sports complex that my friends have membership and through it they were able to enjoy the benefits of being a member and use the privileges set for members. Most of them are busy with their work and will just find time in their free days to enjoy some relaxing activities in the sports club. Being a corporate is a busy life and it will not do them good if they just work and work so it’s beneficial for them to have some place where they can spend some time for socializing, some sports actions and some other club activities they might want to join. 

Being a member has privileges and discounts when they want to make use of facilities like my former employer who used to held our company party at a club where he’s a member. In addition to lower rates members were prioritized when there are others who want to reserve the place for their activities. In seasons like this in order for you to secure the place you want to held your party or other activities you should reserve months before the said occasion because holidays are always peak season for venue places. 

Well this is the same reason that being a member of The Wrigley Field Rooftop Club is a plus as you will get preferential attention in getting the venue for your various activities. The rooftop tickets wrigley field  is the newest rooftop overlooking Wrigley Field. The Rooftop Club has 25 indoor/outdoor hi-definition LCD TV and the best rooftop bars in Chicago. The stadium has three times capacity as that of normal stadium and with specialized extra-wide seats for patrons. The place is filled with plasma TVs to ensure not one game is missed. It has 3 level amenities – the rooftop level, club level and MVP suite amenities.


Good Ambiance of My Workplace

>> Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What I like about the place of my work is the good ambiance of the building. Just before you enter the building you’ll see the beautiful huge fountain fronting the area where the east and west tower divides. It’s more enjoyable to see at night because the changing of colors is very enchanting. It’s not allowed to take pictures of the fountain and the guards are very watchful that’s why I never had a chance to get a beautiful capture of it except for the shots I have in my mobile phone cam when I was just new there when I didn’t know that it’s not permissible to take pictures. 

That’s the entrance only and when you enter the lounge area you’ll see the beautiful expanse patterns of flooring. The building is not new but it’s well kept and maintained so the beauty still remains after 10 years. I believe that the flooring of a certain place or building depends not only on the structure but on the interior design as well. This includes the elegant decor and paintings, the ceiling and the lights they put on it, the interior wall which creates a good impression and the elegant flooring which accentuates the beauty of the place. 

Well when we talk about flooring I’m sure it’s more tasking to find the right supplier where you can get the perfect flooring options for a large building as it requires wholesale supplies and varied styles for certain interior design requirements. That will never be a problem with Flooring America as they’re the ultimate source for flooring requirements for homes and building. 

 They have an impressive showroom where you can browse through varied textures, colors, styles, species and glosses of flooring tiles such as laminate, vinyl, hardwood, tiles and carpet. If you want to have the perfect flooring you can have Webster flooring installation  for a complete flooring package and professionally installed floors. If you have your favorite brands that you want to look at you can select from their array of trusted name brands. Last and most important you’re assured of their product with their Ultimate Confidence Guarantee.


God's Bigger Plans for Me

For few months now I've been thinking of my plans in life especially regarding my work.  Since our company didn't passed the accreditation on one company that we planned to deal with several projects we're now setting our goals on other successful accreditations we have.  It's not that easy changing your plans but we have no choice but to think of more fruitful ways than being depressed on that one.  

I know we'll be able to make it but we really need time so it's actually a matter of decision from the upper management.  We still have regular jobs but I'm really thinking if my current job is really for me as sometimes I can't feel that I'm going to stay longer.  I'm also finding myself a little bit uncomfortable like I'm crossing  a very tricky bridge when decisions are needed.  I always have to ask and most of the times I need the opinion of others. 

It's ok for me but I feel like I'm not the old person before who can decide on anything and be appreciated on all my works.   Maybe I'm missing my former boss or his kind words to me or I'm getting older that I'm being so sensitive.  But I really feel it and it's not doing me good, not for my confidence and definitely not for making good decisions for my life now.

I'm giving myself in His hands now to give me guidance on making my plans and decisions as I'm not confident in deciding when I'm emotional.  I know he has bigger plans for me than what I'm thinking for myself so I'll wait for the signs and providence.


DUI Lawyer to Help with Defense

Exercising fair justice and rights should be adhered at all times. People should know how and when to do it. I’ve known some cases of motor accidents where drivers are drunk and didn’t know how the accidents happened. Well if you’re really under the influence of alcohol you’re not really much aware of your environment and not in a good mind condition. Also you should not drink while you’re driving as it will pose some other dangers like car accidents and death of innocent victims. 

Well there should be right reproof or punishment with people doing this as they should pay for their misconduct but still they need someone like DUI Lawyer San Francisco  who can defend them to reason out why they committed such crime. There are also cases that witnesses are influenced by other people that case ballooned into something heavier. 

As they say suspect is still a suspect until proven guilty and if you’re one of those who have such related cases you can fight for your right to defend. DUI Lawyer San Francisco should be able to give legal advice and help on how you can be given fair justice if you’re not guilty or minor punishment if you are guilty but promise to be responsible citizen the next time. We always learn a lesson from our mishaps, mistakes and other wrongdoings in life.


Frozen Yogurt Business Opportunities

>> Friday, December 14, 2012

When I think of probable business that I want to enter it’s always the ones associated with food that’s popping in my mind. I believe that one of the best businesses to enter into these days is about food or related business. We had an experience in putting up a small business of selling meat products and it was a success. We just stopped it because my husband and I both have regular jobs then and we really can’t manage the business perfectly. It would be better if one of us stopped working and concentrate on the business.

Up until now I’m thinking of reviving the business that we used to operate because we already know the ins and outs and since I’m thinking of working at home I might as well run the business again. Anyway if not on the meat products I’m still focused on having a business connected with food because it’s where I think a good business can get a nice profit.

These past few months I’m looking at the new stores that starting up their business in the nearest mall to my office and I’ve notices that food businesses are getting into healthy options too like the milk teas and of course the  frozen yogurt business which is making a dent in the frozen treats industry. I’m a lover of ice cream and with the new frozen yogurt treat I can relate it to that one. Well maybe it cannot have the same creamy goodness but with yogurt you’ll enjoy the sweet goodness of healthy yogurt treats without the guilt. It’s undeniably a healthier option. 

Young and small-time entrepreneurs can grab the chance offered by donper frozen yogurt business opportunities because it requires smaller capital and maintenance expenses. Since many people are loving the taste of frozen yogurt with its variety of flavors and toppings many specialty stores put up their own while big restaurants added the treat to their line of menu for additional products to serve. 

But before getting into this business it’s a must that you must first learn about the frozen yogurt industry where you can learn some tips on concept designs, selecting of equipment and in marketing the business. This is where you’ll need advices like what’s inside the  donper ice cream shop business plan. The business plan will be able to help new businessmen in establishing, operating and maintaining frozen yogurt business on its way to good business results


Reasons Why You Should Rent a Villa for Your Next Vacation

Many people wish and hope that they can afford to stay in a nice, luxurious resort and spa. If you always wanted to live it up like the celebrities do, then you need to visit the Preferred Escapes website to see what luxury villas they have to offer. You can rent your own luxury condo or villa when you are planning your next vacation. Do you want to whisk yourself away to a country far away? If so, then they have many places you can choose from that are beautiful tropical paradises. You and your loved one will enjoy spending every waking moment on the beautiful, white sandy beaches that line the coast of the islands. 

You Don't Have to Do Any Work 

When you book your vacation in a warm climate, you can stay in a luxury rental unit and not worry about anything. You can have maids do your laundry, clean the unit and wait on your family hand and foot if you would like. You can also have a professional chef to cook all your meals so you don't have to head out to a restaurant for every meal. This will save you a lot of money if you want to rent a luxury rental unit but don't have the money like a celebrity does. You can feel as though you are a celebrity when you wake up in the morning and look out over your own private beach area. If you decide to rent a luxury rental unit, you can ask your closest friends if they would want to pitch in for some of the rent and each person can have their own room. This is much more cost effective if you want to live it up like a celebrity but don't have the cash to pay for an entire luxury villa. 

Things You Can Do During Your Stay 

There are many things you can do when you stay in a luxury villa. First off, you'll be flying to a different country, which means you can tour all the local hotspots and historical sites. You can also go swimming, lay out on the beach, and dine in the finest restaurants. You can head to the clubs at night with your friends or you can relax in your hot tub while gazing out at the sunset. You will be fully relaxed once you're ready to fly back home after you stay in a luxury villa.


Managing Auto Dealerships at Its Best

>> Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I’m always in awe when I see elegant car dealership company’s show rooms. You see I love seeing cars and noting some of them as my dream cars even if I can only afford the simple ones. Well I’m familiar with auto dealerships in a way that my sister works in one prestigious company selling quality brands of cars. She’s been employed in the company for more than 20 years and all throughout her employment life in the company I came to know of the ups and downs of such companies, its elegant products and quality services which made them so popular with celebrities and well-affluent families. 

They cater to class A citizens and you just can’t imagine how the employees should cope with class A dealership company. They have to be good looking, well dressed and should look their best even in uniforms. The owner believes that presentation should not be confined only in their products but on all the employees as well. I also noticed that their office and showrooms are of the finest quality and elegant design. Yes the owner spends quite a lot in making their office and staff live up to the classic elegance of their cars. 

This is how auto dealership owners should manage their company. They should go into perfect minute details especially if their target clients are on the class A status. Well I’ve browsed around a site that speaks well of their site and the kind of products they offer. How I love seeing their array of branded cars in their best form like Columbia's Chevy dealership which provides great service to help their clients get a new Chevy. Their service extends and includes help to look for used car, truck or SUV. You will never worry about stocks as they have a good inventory of Silverado, Corvette, Cruze, Camaro, Tahoe and a lot more. They can offer less for your dream Chevy models.


Printing Solutions for Company Needs

Business is a complex thing and you have to ensure not only of finances but of a good management as well. It consists of many facets that one should really learn and plan before entering the complexity. Anyway it’s also a rewarding thing especially if your chosen field of business is flourishing and following a good set of norms and guidelines. Well I’ve learned many things about it when a friend asked me to help her set out a new company where selling is the main field of business. 

The company needs a lot of registrations, legalities and installations to do before it can even start. It’s a very tasking job but when you finished doing all the licenses, taxes and your company is finally registered and legal you will begin the main goal of setting it up. Of course every owner wanted their investment to gain profit and to make it a reality the new company should start thinking of good advertising campaigns to introduce the products and services. 

We all know that today we should fully use the potential of not just marketing it online but offline as well. It should have business cards, brochures, catalogs and other marketing tools to promote whatever you have to offer. No matter how good your product is it will not be in good market if people don’t know its usage, benefits and how it can help their life and work. With all the needed things to advertise the company’s products  Tucson printing can provide for all these things as they offers design and printing of catalogs, banners, letterheads, business cards, newsletters, booklets, calendars, digital color printing and a lot more. 

Corporate identity pieces are their expertise and  Printing Tucson provides clients with 24-hour access to make your transactions easy. You can do it all online, request an estimate, place an order, transfer a file, review design proofs and everything you need to finish your order transactions in the comfort and convenience of your office or home. You can order everything from them according to your company’s specific requirements fast and easy.


Why Roadies Love Their Jobs, & How to Get That Career

>> Tuesday, December 11, 2012

None of the big concerts you have gone to, or will go to, would happen without a crew of dedicated roadies working, in some cases, around the clock. It can actually be quite easy to become a professional roadie and the work can be extremely rewarding. The only thing you need to be prepared for is a lot of hard work and long hours. But for many roadies that do the job their entire lives, the long hours and the hard work are big reasons why they do it.


How To Get Started









Image via Flickr by Gustavo Gerent

The best way to get started being a roadie is to get as much experience as you can working for anyone you can. You can approach local bands in your area and offer to roadie for them at no cost. This is considered valuable work experience and it is something every roadie goes through.


Moving Up


Image via Flickr by gandalf.blanco

Even working for a local band will give you invaluable experience in how to coordinate a show load-in, performing a proper set up and then coordinating tasks during and after the show. Once you feel like you have an understanding of what it means to be a roadie, it is time to put your name in to the local theaters in your area and offer your services. 

If you need a union card, then find out how to get one and put your name into the union theaters. If you put your name into enough theaters, you will get call backs to act as a roadie for a variety of acts. As you work for the different acts that come through your town, be sure that you give all of the road managers your name and number. Before you know it, you will be traveling with a real rock band and making a living as a roadie.




Image via Flickr by maol

The best roadies in the music business are the ones that have a variety of marketable skills that they either take classes for or learn over time. If you want to stay busy as a roadie and make good money, then learn how to be a sound technician, lighting technician, guitar technician, drum technician or any other specialized skill that bands need. Of course, the most important skill a good roadie learns is how to be reliable and dedicated to the job.


The Benefits


Image via Flickr by Earl - What I Saw 2.0

When you are a roadie for Brad Paisley, then you never have to pay for Brad Paisley tickets. As a roadie, you get to see some of the best bands in the world and get paid for it. You will also be getting paid to travel the world and see areas of some of the largest music venues that most people never get to see.

The stories told by professional touring musicians are only rivaled by the stories that roadies tell. Roadies are important parts of the music business and they have life experiences that most people only dream of. 


Getting a Job He Loves Doing

>> Monday, December 10, 2012

Sometimes you’ll have your lucky day when you least expect it and this happened to my friend who for so many months has been waiting for job calls from his previous applications. He’s beginning to lose hope that he considers advertising musical instruments and accessories like mackie family of products to earn something. Someone has asked him to help him out in his new business of musical instrument marketing that he thought of accepting until he gets a regular job. 

Well it’s not his forte and don’t have work experience for it but he loves playing musical instruments that his new job seems not really tasking but exciting for him. When his boss learned about his flair for playing musical instruments he was hired permanently and was given a job where he would indulge prospective clients into hearing sample music playing. His job not only gave him a steady and regular income but gives him fulfillment in playing instruments again. Work blessing indeed.


Finding Good Career in Hospital Employment

My former assistant in billing and collection in my previous work is now employed in one of the biggest and expensive hospitals in the country and I was happy that she has been employed there for more than 10 years now. She’s really an asset to any company because she’s diligent and very smart in rendering her work. She was actually hired through a job fair program in her town and when she started her job she made sure that she’ll be hired permanently. 

She was actually inspired by a neighbour who works in the company who supplies equipment in the hospitals. Her neighbour brings in lab oven, medical tools, thermometers and other hospital devices in the hospital and on his frequent visits he learned so many things about it. He found out that employees receives good compensation more than the average income of the said position. Well my assistant aspired for the position and grabbed the opportunity offered to her so now she’s very happy and inspired with her work.


Legal Help on Defending Your Case

Did you find yourself entangled in the web of worrying about a member in your family? This will be the case if you found out that someone has filed a case against your loved one. Having a case filed against you or to one of your family members is not that easy to accept and will cause too much stress and anxiety especially if the crime is not really committed. 

So if you are given false accusations and you want yourself cleared of the case you should seek help and legal advice from the legal experts like Theft Attorney Charlotte who has the experience and knowledge on how they can successfully defend their clients. They handle various cases like assault charges, Dwi, theft crimes and some other cases. 

They have vast experience in defending their clients not only on the legal aspects but on personal aspects as well. Theft Attorney Charlotte  help their clients resolve personal issues that family has to go through when they’re undergoing legal cases. They’re also open for counseling and therapy if needed.


Help in Dealing With Business Law and More

>> Saturday, December 8, 2012

When you start your own business there are lots of things that you will experience along the way. I’ve helped a friend start a business few years ago and we started at the first stages of the business from registering the business to securing government permits and on to the many facets of complying to all requirements of various government agencies. I also learned that you have to legalize everything to secure your business and not be charged with penalties later on. 

I’ve learned a lot from helping my friend start her own business and in the process became familiar with so many things I didn’t know before. I realized that having your own company and business demands good management and skills in marketing. Anyway there are things that one should be careful when running or managing a business as you can get yourself into a situation that will get you into legal trouble by some business law that you don’t know about. 

There are complex laws that we’re not familiar that will bring us injustice. So if we encountered these things it’s best to seek legal advice from the likes of Securities Lawyer Provo  who will protect your legal rights and will bring back your peace of mind. It’s not easy to have legal cases on your mind and if not handled properly it could lose your business and your work. You need someone with expertise, skills and professional knowledge to guide and advice you on legal things. 

It’s not easy being accused of a crime that you didn’t do or a false accusation of not abiding legally to business law . It will give you worries and unrest so if you want to restore your peace of mind over things accused on you consult Securities Lawyer Provo for the things that bothers your mind. They will be able to give you assurance and protection of legal rights when you need it. Let your business grow with no threat of legal cases consult with them now.


How to Save on Holiday Shopping

>> Friday, December 7, 2012

With the holiday season already in full swing, most of you have probably started shopping for friends and loved ones, or at least begun to look. Just remember that it’s never too late to plan ahead and make your trips both fruitful and budget-friendly. Not sure where to start? Here are some excellent tips for saving big, even in the chaos and temptation that is holiday shopping.

1. Read the Ads

The Sunday paper usually comes with a whole mess of advertisements, especially during the holiday season. If you don’t normally get the paper, buying the Sunday edition is a great way to see what most major retailers in your area are offering and for what price. It’s bargain-hunting from your couch.

2. Clip the Coupons

You’ve seen those extreme couponers on TV, right? They bought two weeks’-worth of groceries for two dollars. Your savings might not be quite that grand, but cutting out pertinent coupons is certainly a viable way to save, whether it’s 20 percent off at your favorite departments store or buy one get one free bags of frozen shrimp for party snacks.

3. Use the Internet

The web is a seemingly endless source of savings, whether you’re doing the bulk of your shopping on Amazon or simply going to websites and signing up for their mailing lists, which usually include coupons, coupon codes and special sale times or sales limited to mailing list recipients – all in your inbox.

4. It’s All About Timing

If you’re normally locked into shopping on the weekend, consider taking a personal day or sick day (we won’t tell) on a weekday, and then get to your shopping outlet early. Not only are you avoiding major weekend crowds, you’re getting salespeople who have just begun their day, can give you ample attention should you require assistance and will most likely be more pleasant to interact with in general.

5. Create Your Battle Plan

Before you head out, make like Napoleon and create a plan of attack. Make a list of everyone that you need to buy for and include as much detail as possible: gifts that are definite, plus where to find them and for how much, or simply ideas and a budget. Go one further and chart out an itinerary as well, so that you’re making the most of your time and even saving gas.

6. Dress for Success

Dressing in layers is advisable, as enclosed shopping areas tend to get rather hot (consider leaving your big, bulky winter coat in the car), and the hotter you get, the more uncomfortable you are, and the more likely you’ll be to pull out one of your cool checks and write it out for the first thing yuu see, regardless of price – anything to get out of the stifling heat. Avoid that trap and keep your cool, literally.


Steps in Acquiring Project Management Certification

>> Thursday, December 6, 2012

Project management is important in all spheres of life. With so many people starting their own business, it has become even more valuable. Today, most workplaces frequently demand this skill as part of employees’ skill set.


Types of Certification Available


For anyone considering project management certification, the first step is to decide what type of certificate best suits their need. There are six credentials that can be considered when it comes to choosing. These are:
  1. The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
  2. Project Management Professional (PMP)
  3. Program Management Professional (PgMP)
  4. PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)
  5. PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)
  6. PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)
For those with some knowledge and experience in the field at an organizational level, the OPM Professional Certification is also worth consideration. In the final analysis, the project management certification chosen should be dependent on future prospects as well as current needs.


Steps in Preparing for Project Management Certification


Once a decision is made concerning which certification to aim for, the steps in accomplishing this are:
  • Attend classes at educational institution where you will gain the required 36 hours of training needed in project management. These classes can be online or at a physical location
  • Sign-up directly with the Project Management Institute (PMI) to take the necessary examinations for certification. The cost for the exam depends on whether or not you are a member of PMI. Members will have the benefit of lower rates, the membership and examination costs combined is cheaper for members than the exams fees for nonmembers.  
  • Once you have completed the formal classes, it is time to apply to take the PMI examination to receive your certification. Once PMI has reviewed your application and determined your suitability, you will be sent an email requesting your exam fees

Benefits of Project Management Certification


Having certification is an indication to any company that you are dedicated and serious about what you do. The amount of hours needed to obtain and retain certification calls for dedication.  In most hiring situations, the individual with PMI credentials will stand a better chance.

When it comes to managing projects large and small, the person with PMI training will be more likely to be highly efficient. They can better understand the dynamics of project planning, budgeting and getting things done based on set timelines.

Anyone who is considering project management certification will need to know that it is a continuous process. After passing the initial examination, it is necessary to take renewal certification exams at set intervals.


Ensuring Fair Justice for Personal Injury Victims

Some people suffered injustice in their life but find no one to help them seek what’s fairly due them. They’re hesitant that they will spend so much money at the start of the case that they do not pursue it. Well it’s normal for them to think that because every case and trial demands big finances like what my buddy suffered. He’s a victim of harassment and minor personal injury but the case is still pending because he didn’t have enough funds to sustain the hearing of the case. He’s in doubt that free attorney can help him win the case and he’s looking for good attorneys like Personal Injury Attorney Tampa to handle his case when he has enough funds to spend. 

It’s important to get professional and experienced lawyers specilizing in personal injury to handle the case to ensure that the victim recover from damages and be able to seek the justice they deserve. With the help of Personal Injury Attorney Tampa you can expect successful and positive results just like their previous success case history. They always give their best shot in every case they handle with excellent customer service, dedication and professionalism leading to successful and fair trial of personal injury cases.


Three Unusual Places to Buy a Boat

>> Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Buying a boat is a truly exciting experience. You are finding a new vessel that will be used for years, decades and even generations to come. It will allow you to experience the world in an entirely new way. However, if you are like many potential boat owners, you may have noticed there are very few options available to purchase a boat. Fortunately, there are other options, even though some of them may be a bit unusual.

Unusual Places to Buy a Boat

                    1.    Private Listings – While boat seekers have used private listings for decades, there are several new types of private listings to explore. There are online auction sites, online classified listings and newspaper ads. Each type of private listing will attract a different type of boat seller. To really expand your options, explore each type of listing that’s available. As you go through the listings, evaluate each one based on the same pre-determined criteria. Do not hesitate to contact the owner if you have any questions or would like additional pictures.

                 2.  Charity Sales – There are some organizations that offer charity boats for sale Essentially, these organizations sell donated boats in order to fund various charities. When someone donates a boat to them, they will assess its current state. If it does not require any major repairs and is sea-worthy, they will list it for sale. Once it has sold, all proceeds will go to a charitable cause, which may range from feeding starving children to helping the homeless. Instead of simply purchasing a new boat, you can make your purchase help those in need.
                    3.  Repo Auctions – Sometimes people buy boats on loans, and then become unable to fulfill their financial obligations. Boats then become repossessed by the lender. The lender is not in the business of selling boats, so they hold auctions to liquidate them and reclaim some of their lost assets. This process if quite popular in the automobile world, however it is also prevalent in boating. Visit these auctions to receive an ideal price on your next boat.
You Can Find Your New Boat 

Between the above three options, you will be able to easily find a new boat that will be perfect for you. Between boat donations, private listings and repossessed items, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. As you begin to seek your new boat, keep in mind the overall condition of the craft, any immediate repairs it will require and if there are currently any warranties.


Giving Back to the Community

Via Flickr by badgreeb fattkatt

When you have money to spare, it is important to give back to the communities in which you live. Through his company and on his own, Peter Briger has done this in a variety of ways. Charities, endowment programs, and more have been a focus of Mr. Briger through his career. 


Along with other members of his family, Mr. Peter Briger has given back to Union College in the form of two endowments. There is the Briger Family Endowment for Faculty Development – History Department, and the Briger Family Endowment for Faculty Development – Political Science Department. These endowments help ensure that these departments have the best faculty. This in turn helps the school as a whole keep a good reputation as a great learning environment.

Many endowments have requirements as to how the money is spent. This usually includes ensuring there are good teachers and the technology and equipment needed to properly teach the subject. These endowments also require save investments that are likely to have a good return, to further help the schools. 


Fortress, the company of which Mr. Peter Lionel Briger is Principal and co-chair of the Board of Directors, has implemented charity programs that employees can participate in. Since 2004, the company has hosted a gift matching program each year. Through this program, Fortress and its employees have helped over 500 causes and charity organizations. With over $3.3 million donated so far, the company has plans to expand and improve its charitable donations.

Included in the companies that Fortress has helped are: Food Bank for New York City, Doctors Without Borders, Sanctuary for Families, and Toys for Tots. These groups all help families and individuals in need through the country and the world.

Political Donations 

Along with his charitable donations, Peter Briger has also donated to political campaigns. A monetary donation of $2000 was given by Mr. Briger to the John Kerry fund. Additionally, he co-hosted a party that generated over a million dollars for Senator John Edwards. Through the years, Mr. Briger has made political donations where he sees it will be helpful to the community. 

There are many ways that people in power and those with money can help others. Whether giving back with time or money, it is important that everyone gives what they can when they have a little extra. Mr. Peter Briger has done this both himself and through the companies he has worked with, for many years.


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