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>> Thursday, September 24, 2009

I’ve had many work experiences as I had around six jobs which I stayed in a company for a year and more. I’ve been to many fields of work including semiconductor, government agriculture office, transportation, construction, semiconductor, consultancy and the latest was telecommunications which for me was the most fulfilling of all as I’ve rounded up almost all departments. On all these employment I’ve experienced learning, adapting, sharing knowledge and giving the best of myself in my work. I’ve learned how to use the best of my capabilities and skills I gained from school and my training.

I’ve been thankful enough that I have a good knowledge of computer and software because it’s been of great advantage in applying for jobs especially with Microsoft office skills. Actually it’s an advantage for applicant to have knowledge on Microsoft office because it’s one of the priority list on qualifications. Every company uses computers and a great percentage relies on Microsoft desktop applications software for their everyday transactions because it’s easier and more accurate. I don’t know if I’ll be given my position if I had no Microsoft knowledge because almost every work demands a clear understanding of desktop applications.

Well for those who doesn’t have the skills that many employers are finding you can visit Countrywide Training and be one of those who benefit from microsoft training courses that they offer. Even if you’re a working professional already you can start studying with them as they have distance learning classes which are very convenient and economical, no more transportation expenses to deal with. Experience how nice it is to be well versed in desktop applications and use your knowledge in making your boss see your potentials. Learn Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, Power point and Quick books through disc or online classes and show your best! It will also boost your confidence.

And when you finished your Microsoft training course you can study further and get certification training on IT, Enterprise, MCITP and others to help you further in your career. Who knows it may help you get a better paying job. Just visit them now and find for yourself!


House Repairs

I’ve been busy the whole day monitoring the repair of our room. Our house which was constructed three decades ago is showing signs of its age and needs some renovation on some parts. I believe old houses should really be maintained properly to restore its old grandeur. I’m glad that its hubby’s brother who’s doing the repairs so I don’t have to worry about having strangers in our house. Mom is not so keen on having strangers working in our house so we really choose who’s going to work for us. My brother when he’s doing the repairs for our house assigns same people so my Mom would not feel awkward.


Hazardous to Health

I didn’t know until last two years that asbestos was found to be a hazard and not anymore the miracle mineral that it used to be. I’ve known this mineral has been used in industries and buildings for many wonderful reasons. Asbestos diminish heat that’s why even residential houses and workplaces use this to minimize the use of air conditioners.

Who would ever think in the past that this miracle mineral would cause too much harm to human beings as exposure to this mineral would cause sickness like lung cancer and mesothelioma. I’ve read news about people who worked in industries who used asbestos and I sympathize with them as exposure to asbestos caused them sickness that will take their lives eventually. I just hope that those industries they worked for will help them in anyway they can.


: Thursday Challenge : Bottles

"BOTTLES" (Containers, Cup, Mug, Vase, Beverage, Cosmetic, Ornamental,...)

This is a shot from our head office christmas party last year where different wine was given to us by our suppliers and employers for inclusion in our raffle draw, it's not a big party as it's only for us. We had the grand party in one of the famous restaurant in the area. You can see different gift presentation of wine here, two of the bottles were wrap with blue ribbon while the nearest bottle was wrapped in a basket.

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