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>> Monday, August 2, 2010

When we have a car of our own we need to have funds for its up keeping and maintenance. Count your car as additional member of your family so you will not be affected if something came up and your car will suddenly need some expenses. That’s how I manage our financial allocation for expenses when we have our own car. Sometimes when its maintenance goes overboard I have to take out my savings because if I will not do it we’ll have difficulty in travelling. We really should take care of it because it’s our companion in the road when we travel. Our driving will be a pleasure if the car is in perfect running condition and parts are always replaced when malfunctioned.

For stylish look we should search for nice accessories that will give our car distinctive appearance even if we don’t spend much. I’ve been browsing online for suggestive ideas for a friend’s car and I found CARid, the online store automotive accessories which offer products for both exterior and interior custom styling. They have a wide variety of high quality accessories like custom wheels and rims which defines the latest innovation in wheel designs and finishes. They have choices for the ones who look for elegance and high performance quality many car owners are looking for. Whatever brand, make and type of your car you’ll be satisfied that they have it.


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