Feels So Blessed with My Present Job

>> Thursday, January 7, 2010

With my present condition now after the holiday seasons I just can’t do many tasks as I used to be. My Mom is helping me with massage therapy almost every other day and with that I’m feeling a lot better. I’m just sad that it’s the start of the year and I can’t compete with grabbing for more opportunities as my health is not that good. I can only work for some given time and after that I need to rest. My office friend whom I’m chatting the other day told me that I’m lucky to have an online job that I can do on flexible time that even if I’m sick I can still work on my desired time. With that thought in my mind now sadness turned to feeling blessed that it’s indeed a good job for me. I feel lucky now that my job is just perfect for me, that even if I’m not feeling good I can still attend to my kids and work at the same time.

Now I’m feeling a lot better than last week and keeping myself healthy and fit with my regular menu of three varieties of fruit a day. All I need now is a week-long vacation on some nice place like Outer Banks rentals, actually because that one is far from where I live I appreciate having my rest vacation in a province few miles away from my home.


Feeling Better After a Good Sleep

Feels better after a good night sleep because my Mom massage my back and brought some relief to what I'm suffering for several days now. I'm having some difficulty in sleeping due to severe pain in my shoulders, back and arms. It stemmed up from my bad fall last December 13. My situation severed because of too many holiday activities and after New Year I suddenly felt my limbs were numb and shaking. After that day I was ordered rest from household works and limited time on blogging.

For my recovery I need to have massage therapy on my dislocated veins and numb body. Even though I'm sick I tried my best to do some tasks on my blogs and just this week I even managed to dropped some entrecard and visits regular favorite sites. I just need some more days to download pictures of our holiday activities in Tagaytay and Indang, Cavite and in Laguna. Today I've done many tasks and was able to update my new blog.


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