My Web Developer Friend

>> Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My CPA friend in my previous company has started to develop an online business which provides Accounting services and he asked me to help him find a good web designer to create a site for him that will serve as his online service office to his clients. He didn’t know that he knows the one that I will be referring to him because their office is beside one another. My software specialist office mate and friend has been doing Web Developer Jobs for several years now and before I left the company I know that he’s into developing site for a starting up company also. He’s very good at codes, programs and designs that I know my CPA friend will be happy to have him as his web developer/designer in his newfound online business.


Learning New Things at Work

>> Friday, August 26, 2011

We’re having lunch at the office when we all talked about how time flies so fast. We started the operation of our new office five months ago and now everything is falling into place. We’re now approved on most of the accreditations we need to have and next month I’ll start learning about importation and shipment. I’ve had many jobs before and though my field is into computer engineering my former boss trained me to handle accounting, billing, human resource and administration.

I’ve almost rounded up all departments except this job of mine which is logistics and importation. I know in time I’ll be able to learn all things about it and I’ll be happy for sure. For now we’re talking about the forthcoming Christmas party that we’ll be having. We’re still not sure if we’ll have our own knowing we’re only few or we’ll just be included in our sister company’s party.  And speaking of that  occasion I still have to deal with some holiday invitations my friend is telling me last week. She’s thinking of business probabilities about it and I have to indulge her as she’s very excited and has positive plans on it. She has the zest for anything that’s new and seasonal so I let her decide on such things.


Environmental Fundraising

>> Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In all organizations they build their own goals and objectives in creating their group. They come up with plans and define their purpose of existence. I've experienced being part of many organizations in school as PTA officer, in my work and in our community. We usually come up with programs but most of the times it should be supported with enough finances to make it happen. That's where fundraising gets into the picture. Organizations or specialized group should come up with good ideas on how or what they should offer for their fundraising program. Now that more people including me are getting into things that support environmental-friendly products it's good to have environmental fundraising supplier for your fundraising items to sell.

Nature's Vision has a range of environmental items that reaches out to various kinds of people of every age and of every status in life. They offer nature fundraising products in the form of hats, shirts, bags, candles, jewelry, wallets and others. All products are stylishly designed in the inspiration of nature like plants, flowers, animals, sceneries and all of nature's best. Buyers can choose from their catalog with excitement as they're fashionable and can be a collector's item too. Pursue with your fundraising plans, help the environment and be a nature fundraiser as well when you get your products from Nature's Vision. I actually love some products I saw from their list and showcased some here.


Perfect Luminance for Your Car

>> Monday, August 22, 2011

When you have a car you should take good care of it like you’re handling a child. It’s like a child that you will exert extra effort to maintain and ensure that it’s always in the best of condition. And why should you? Because in taking care of your car you will be the one who will benefit from it. It will not put you in any trouble when you’re traveling and will serve you best wherever you go.

In caring for your car you should also take an extra effort to make it stylish and beautiful by putting attractive, stylish and quality accessories like projector headlights which gives perfect luminance for your car. With it you can make those heads turn on those admirable headlights that captures the attention of many. With these beautiful headlights you can just add a few accessories inside your car to complement the exterior beauty of the car.


Planning to Workout Again

>> Friday, August 19, 2011

I’ve been through some diet plans and exercises for the past few months but I stopped when I returned to corporate work last summer. I really miss my online workout exercises that I did on the first quarter of the month on 5-day per week one-hour a day schedule. It did worked and made me feel so good about myself but when I started working outside again I didn’t have time for those workout plans. I know that I should make time for it as it will not only help me lose some pounds but it will make me fit and healthy. I just read an article about the source zumba fitness and it made me feel interested again in returning to my workout. This week I finished all my dues and done my tasks ahead of time so whenever I want to try zumba I’ll have time or maybe I should continue with my cardio exercises as a start. Hope I’ll be able to do my plans.


Luxury Bedding and More

If there's one thing that would keep me completely rested and refreshed that would be an 8-hour night sleep without disturbance. When I was working for a consultancy company I together with the technical group were required to work on the technical proposal for straight 72 hours without complete sleep at night, an hour or two would be enough to keep us going. If we will rest for long hours we will not be able to finish the proposal in time for submission date. My employer would always give us several meals a day to keep us nourished but sleeping for several hours would really delay our job. This happens only on few days before submission and because it's the nature of the job of our technical proposal group we got accustomed to it although it's bad for my low blood pressure at that time.

They would always hear me saying that when we finish our proposals I would really rest in luxury bedding and get long hours of sleep. I was at this kind of job for ten years before my boss transferred me to his new telecommunications company. It was a relief to finally leave the job as it brings too much stress on me. The preparation of proposals is really time consuming and produce lots of pressure that's why we were chosen as a group so we'll be the one who will always do the job because we're experts on meeting the quality of the proposals and of budgeting the time allocated to do it. Having this kind of job forced me to really improve my bedding accessories as I always need a comforting slumber all the time especially after a week of work on the proposal.

Well for quality and comfortable beddings for your sanctuary you can count on Versai to offer you the best choices for fine linens, blankets, comforters, luxury bedding, bed covers and pillows. They have extensive fine linens for other parts of the house like dining area, bathroom and entire home. They have the highest craftsmanship quality and designs that will satisfy your needs and requirements for your homes. Needless to say that they've got what you need for a comfortable and convenient living.


Health Risks on Diabetes Medicine

>> Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Suddenly I feel that I’m missing my friends in DSI especially Kelyn and Myrns, both working abroad now. Anyway Kelyn has her own architectural firm now and she’s flying to various Asian countries to supervise contract projects on those places. I remember several years ago when she subjected herself to a complete medical examination and laboratories just to check and to know if she has diabetic blood. One of her parents has diabetes and it dawned on her that she or her siblings might have or might develop the disease. She has undergone a diet devoid of sugar and calories which balanced her weight and sugar level. It was one of the strictest diets I’ve known and I can say that it works fast and it’s perfectly healthy.

She has not developed diabetes over the years and I’m really glad about it as she told me that she doesn’t want to take oral medicine just in case she has it. She prefers herbal medicine as for her it’s much safer because she learned few days ago that people taking Actos, an oral diabetes medicine can develop serious injuries in the cardiovascular and bladder areas. It was found out in the recent studies that it can cause heart attacks, heart failures and bladder tumors thus the emergence of Actos lawsuit which can help affected people get their products liability claim. At O'Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath they know that you can be a victim if you have taken the medicine and if you’re one of them they’re capable of helping you win the case as they have professional expertise and knowledge on injury and other kinds of cases.


More Careful This Time

>> Saturday, August 13, 2011

I learned from my friend that his brother has recuperated from his mild stroke and I’m glad to hear that he’s refraining from his old vices which caused his sickness in the first place. Now that he’s well and good I know that he’ll not give in to smoking again even if he’ll be given some imported cigars from his good friend abroad. It’s hard to be hospitalized and be warned of health risks and dangers because of vices. You’ll have some guilt feelings and you’ll be in financial trouble too as medicines are expensive and healing would take some time. It’s better to be careful and health-conscious after being healed to prevent another stroke in the future. I hope that he’ll change now.


Emergency Cash Anytime

>> Thursday, August 11, 2011

Work is a blessing and it provides a way to sustain your family’s needs. I’ve been blessed with long continuing jobs and it’s always me who quit and resign because of some reasons. My last job took me 16 years before I decided to resign and concentrate on my family. It took more than a year before I was permitted by my boss to finally leave my work. He even offered me a part-time job but I declined as I want to dedicate my attention to my family and I have an online freelance writing job anyway so my time is full enough to accept another job.

I’ve worked at home for 2 years before I was offered an administrative job again by a friend. The new job gave me additional income that it enables me to have sufficient and extra budget for my kids’ education. I was glad that now I didn’t have to get instant payday loans because my earnings is sufficient for my needs. In time when I’ll be needing some emergency assistance I know I can depend on payday cash advance to give me fast cash when I need it without so much fuss and trouble. No need to fax documents and your cash will be deposited to your account in as fast as 24 hours after you’ve applied online.

Good thing about this payday loan is that you can also apply even if you have bad credit because they don’t have credit checks that will hinder your application. You can apply for bad credit payday loans anytime you want without the need to fax documents and other requirements. It’s so convenient and you’ll save not just time but effort as well. Apply online and have your emergency cash deposited in your personal account within 24 hours.


Answered Prayers

>> Saturday, August 6, 2011

I went home from work yesterday with a happy heart because of an answered prayer from God about one of the most important application approved by a top client. I was waiting and working on it for three months and yesterday I learned that it was approved. The approval was actually a part only but I was indeed grateful for it. I know that in His time He’ll grant my other wishes. I was surprised to see plenty of commuters at an early time before 6pm but I was really in a hurry that I didn’t wait for other vehicles. I rode the first bus that arrived and didn’t mind that there’s no seat available. I don’t have any baggage anyway so I just stand and enjoyed the rest of the travel.

I guess when you’re happy you’re not so mindful of little things that can stress you and just let things pass by without so much of a thought. I saw a very good friend in my kids’ former school in nursing uniforms across the hospital she’s working at but the bus can’t be stopped so I just sent her a message that I saw her. I actually missed her so much and even think of stopping just to be with her but I saw the rains started to fall again so I stayed. I’m glad that she has successfully made it through to be a regular staff in the prestigious hospital three years ago. It has been a dream of her to work there and now she’s happily employed doing what she wants. She has fervently prayed for it and God has answered her prayers also.


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