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>> Friday, August 26, 2011

We’re having lunch at the office when we all talked about how time flies so fast. We started the operation of our new office five months ago and now everything is falling into place. We’re now approved on most of the accreditations we need to have and next month I’ll start learning about importation and shipment. I’ve had many jobs before and though my field is into computer engineering my former boss trained me to handle accounting, billing, human resource and administration.

I’ve almost rounded up all departments except this job of mine which is logistics and importation. I know in time I’ll be able to learn all things about it and I’ll be happy for sure. For now we’re talking about the forthcoming Christmas party that we’ll be having. We’re still not sure if we’ll have our own knowing we’re only few or we’ll just be included in our sister company’s party.  And speaking of that  occasion I still have to deal with some holiday invitations my friend is telling me last week. She’s thinking of business probabilities about it and I have to indulge her as she’s very excited and has positive plans on it. She has the zest for anything that’s new and seasonal so I let her decide on such things.


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