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>> Monday, September 23, 2013

It's an emerging trend that seems to be taking over the corporate law world. More and more companies are leaning on their law firms for comprehensive, strategic direction. Perhaps this has to do with a re-branding of sorts that's been done by many of the major firms over the last few years. After the economic downturn struck, many corporate clients left their firms, leaving those firms scrambling for business. Out of that came a new breed of corporate representation, as firms decided it was time to add more value for their clients. Now, we have a system where corporate firms are much more likely to be a partner in addition to just a legal team for those companies.

An understanding of business is critical
In order for today's firms to provide full value, they have to know more than just the law. They must also have a strong understanding of business if they're going to contribute to the bottom line for commercial clients. Tim Broas is an example of an attorney with this sort of knowledge, and there are many others, too. Today's law firms are helping their clients make good decisions along the way, and that's been highly influential in the corporate world.

Corporate representation covering many different areas
Many of today's companies are entering into a more comprehensive relationship with their law firm. Rather than just calling on a firm when they've been sued or something of the like, today's companies are using law firms to help them craft a policy that keeps them out of lawsuits altogether. Many firms, too, are helping in the process by providing many different services. Some have real estate divisions, litigation sections, and full corporate sections handling everything from mergers to capital financing. By providing so many services, firms are able to meet client needs, allowing those clients the freedom to not have to use multiple legal firms.

The corporate world is changing, as companies look to bring their costs down and law firms look to retain business. Firms and companies have formed a partnership of sorts, and this works out well for all involved. With the help of good firms, companies are able to make better decisions about more than just their legal matters. They're moving ahead financially and positioning themselves effectively for the future. Meanwhile, firms are in a stronger position now than they have been in the past, providing clients with the advice that those clients desperately need.


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